Established in May 2010, TNAsylum is a TNA-themed, content-driven site that focuses on delivering the latest headline news stories and quality editorials.

Some content original to TNAsylum includes: IMPACT Coverage, our columns, Year-End Awards, Pioneer Award and This is TNA section. Because of this focus, TNAsylum has been the platform for dozens of talented writers and for thousands of columns.

Director of TNAsylum
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JSO is the Director of TNAsylum. He runs the day-to-day operations of the site including managing reporting, columns and more. He is also a video editor and writer of TNAsylum's renowned TNA Narrative Columns. Direct all TNAsylum suggestions, questions, news tips, guest columns and more to JSO at jso2ko@yahoo.com

Writer of "This Week on IMPACT Wrestling"
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Talon is the architect of TNAsylum. While many people have helped build the site over the years, it was Talon's vision that created the blueprint for TNAsylum. He has an extensive history writing about TNA ranging back to late 2005. He is known for his TNA 101 Column, and his Impact Recaps on ProWrestling Dot Net. Talon likes to focus on the nuances that make TNA the way it is in his "Mind of Talon" column.

Writer of "Straight Shooting"
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Very few have been writing as long about TNA as FK9 has. Through his edgy style of writing, entertaining video recaps and entertaining debates with himself, FK9 has amassed a fanbase rivaled by few. He is the writer of the controversial "Straight Shooting" column as well as "TKO", the fantasy show dedicated to TNA's Knockouts Division.

Jason Blade
Writer of "Knockout Shots"
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Jason Blade is TNAsylum's resident Knockouts columnist. He will be focusing on his "Knockout Shots" column where he will cover ground originally paved by FK9 years ago. Blade's interest in women's wrestling goes beyond the norm so please don't miss his columns.

Mortimer Plumtree
Writer of "Pondering with Plumtree"
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The writer of the blog Dome Pondering has joined TNAsylum. A highly skilled writer, Mortimer Plumtree ponders over many topics that intrigue him. He will be bringing his insightful but provocative commentary to the Haven for TNA Fans.

Wake Chambers
Writer of "Wake-Up Call"
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In September 2013, vague and ominous messages began appearing on the site that said things such as "Open Your Eyes" and "Don't be That Guy." On October 1st, the Wake-Up Call debuted, spreading the message that you should "Think with Purpose." Wake Chambers has arrived at TNAsylum, and it looks like he has an agenda.

Adam Foster
Writer of "The Other Side of the Tracks"
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Adam Foster, was, like many, a guest columnist. His passion and enthusiasm for the TNA product really showed in his writing and JSO offered him a spot at TNAsylum. As a creative thinker, Adam explores unique pro wrestling topics in his column, "The Other Side of the Tracks.

Garrett Kidney
Freelance Contributor
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Garrett Kidney joined the TNAsylum team as part of the new writer initiative. Known for his wrestling recaps from all over the internet, Garrett took over the "Last Night On IMPACT" column for over two years and continues to write freelance columns for the site.