Wednesday, July 01, 2015


It's a sad fact of our histories that we persecute those different than us. We shun, label and deny certain rights to people just because they believe in something we don't. We are lucky, however, to now live in an age where being different is not what it once was. We now live in a time that has proven that if you fight hard enough and make your voice heard loud enough, eventually people will have no choice but to listen.

Today, it's all about changing attitudes. It takes patience and hard work to achieve our goals but for Brooke Adams, patience and hard work are nothing new. It's these things that brought her two Knockouts Championships and now, she stands on the precipice of another.

This one, however, will be different. While the others were for her, if she can lift the Knockouts title one more time, she'll be doing it for anyone who has ever been told "No" and if you haven't guessed yet, "No" isn't a word Brooke likes.

Life is an amazing race and in the end, the only person you're running against is yourself. That's why you shouldn't compare or judge others. If Brooke Adams has learned anything in 30 years it's that you run your own race, you pick up anyone who falls down and you bust your ass-tastic butt to get to the finish line. If you can stand up against the wicked and the selfish and the narrow minded in the process, then you do that.

Everybody is equal in the heart of Brooke (except for the Dollhouse anyway) but she will freely admit she hasn't always felt that way. Brooke has spent a large portion of her career being led by others, whether it be Eric Bischoff, Tara or Bully Ray. All of them would eventually dump her and leave her questioning, just who exactly was she fighting for?

Like the Texas tough girl she is, Brooke found the easiest thing to do was to fight for herself and in the process she raised the TNA Knockouts Championship twice at the peak of her popularity. But, there was something hollow to her victories.

Although her hard work had paid off, she found herself wondering what good it was if she had no one to share it with, no one to represent. What followed has been a time of soul searching and a sojourn into finding out who Brooke really is, and more importantly, who it is she represents.

In the end it was simple. You don't have to be like the people you stand up for — all you have to do is believe in their cause, and Brooke finally knows what she believes. The rainbow on her outfit is a homage to anyone who has ever been told that they can't do something. If she can once again raise the Knockouts title, she'll be raising it with every man and woman who has been told "no".

Brooke Adams knows who she is and who she represents. It's not the wicked Dolls or Beautiful People or Bullies. It's people: real-life, regular people. So wave your flag, choose your colors and stand up for those who need it. This time, if Brooke becomes Knockouts Champion, it's something we can all get behind. That, my friends, is the definition of pride.