Wednesday, July 01, 2015

7/1 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

July 1, 2015
Orlando, Florida

The BDC defeated The Rising in a handicap elimination match. Solid match. I’m okay with the outcome. Drew, Eli and Micah are still fresh to make their own names, while the BDC just added Hernandez and have greater marketability as a group. Sad to see Low Ki gone; it is what it is.

Mickie James and Magnus called out James Storm for a promo. Storm said he can manipulate any woman that he wants, and then Mickie challenged him to find a partner to wrestle her and Magnus. Good promo that recapped the story and set the stage for a mixed tag match. Storm's partner should be interesting. Does he try to manipulate someone from Mickie's past, or does he recruit someone twisted to humiliate Mickie in her "final" match?

The Wolves defeated the Dirty Heels in a 30 minute Iron Man match to win the vacant Tag Team Championship. The Heels scored a pin during the last 5 minutes, but then the Wolves came back with two straight falls for the win. Wow, what a match! This one had everything — quick tags, double teams, near falls, slow pace, fast pace, desperation moves, clock drama — kudos to both teams for an epic finale to an amazing series. Match of the Year contender, baby!

Taryn Terrell defeated Brooke and Awesome Kong in a three-way match to retain the Knockouts Championship. After the match, Gail Kim was revealed to be the one behind the "Playtime Is Over" videos. Fun match. The Dollhouse have been on a losing streak as of late, but they know how to use their numbers when it counts. The Gail Kim reveal was meh. It reminds me of those Sting videos we got for years. Maybe Gail is turning into a ninja for real, who knows?

Mike Tenay conducted a sit-down interview with Jeff and Karen Jarrett. It was a short teaser where Jarrett basically said he's going to shock the world. Part 2 is next week.

EC3 defeated Kurt Angle to win the World Heavyweight Championship. What a terrific moment for TNA's hottest young star! This match may have been a year late, but it was damn worth the wait. No doubt EC3 is the total package. His performance, his acting and crowd reaction really stood out. Best of all, he got a clean victory over Kurt freaking Angle in one of the most heavily hyped main events in TNA history. Congratulations to EC3.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight’s show. I feel like they could have focused on just the three title matches and the full Jarrett interview and it would have been perfect. Both the Iron Man match and World Title match were phenomenal. Everything else was good to great and set up future events very nicely. Looking forward to the Reign of Carter. Big thumbs up!