Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Who should dethrone EC3 if he wins the World Title?

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This week Adam is joined by Paul, Rich and Ethan to discuss the latest news. To begin the show, we are joined by the promoter from the forthcoming Lucha Libre event being held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on July 11th. He talks about how he got into wrestling and what to expect from the show, as well as his close friendship with Blue Demon Jr.

The show moves on to TNA, where Adam continues his work conspiracy and now believes the Bram TNA legend challenge is paving the way for AJ Styles to return.

We also discuss who will be the breakout singles star out of the Wolves before finally settling on our question of the week – who will be the man who will eventually dethrone EC3 if he wins the World Heavyweight Championship?

We then move on to WWE and review the MitB PPV which threw up a few shockers. Did you enjoy the show? Are you as down on Bray Wyatt as everyone else? And in a classic case of WWE copying TNA, our question of the week is, who will dethrone Seth Rollins?

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