Tuesday, June 09, 2015

TNA, ROH and Destination America - Is it a work?

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This week Adam is joined by Rich and Ethan to discuss the latest news. The show moves onto TNA and more specifically a conspiracy of major proportions – have Destination America, ROH and TNA colluded together to come up with one of the craziest secrets ever? Has Meltzer been worked? And more importantly, if the IWC and Meltzer have been worked, is it a good thing or do you believe that the bad publicity is detrimental?

We also take time to look at the Mickie James story – is it in bad taste or is everything allowed within the wrestling world?

We then move onto WWE in the midst of what feels like weekly PPVs! After Ethan's rant about the IC match at Elimination Chamber (Let it go Ethan!), we look forward to this week's Money in the Bank PPV and our big question is "who leaves with the title?" Let us know!

Next week we will be talking to the organisers of the upcoming Lucha Libre event in London on the 11th of July as well as a wrestler from Lucha Underground – who? Tune in next week but in the meantime, drop us your questions for the show.

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