Saturday, June 06, 2015

This Week on Impact

By Talon
June 3, 2015
Orlando, Florida

The first night of Wednesday Night Wrestling for TNA with a barbershop quintet singing EC3 to the ring. I found this whole segment to be very entertaining. I have observed that TNA has been using more props and extras on its shows. I support this since it give depth to the product; more than the traditional wrestling world.

The first segment was effective in setting up Rockstar Spud's decision for later in the show. You have to feel for EC3 since he constantly gets pushed aside for others. It happened with Eric Young and because of that, Lashley and Austin Aries were collateral damage.

Later in the show, EC3 would try and talk Rockstar Spud out of cashing in Option C. Personally, Option C hasn't been used to its full potential. This is its fourth year and every time, the X Champion trades in the title for a World Title shot. I would like to see someone keep the title because of its value. That won't be happening with Rockstar Spud. 

After Spud decided to trade in the title, EC3 blindsided him leading to a tag team main event later in the show also involving Kurt Angle and Tyrus. Angle and Spud would win but then things got interesting as Austin Aries (who tried talking Spud out of trading in the title) announced that he would also be using his title shot next week. Next week we get the hook of two World Title Matches in the same night. It will be the ultimate test for Kurt Angle as he not only has to get through Rockstar Spud but also Austin Aries. If he is successful in doing that, he gets to look forward to the undefeated EC3. Destination X is shaping up to be an interesting show.

*The Lashley vs Eric Young match wasn't anything to write home about. Lashley defeated EY after a Chris Melendez distraction. I feel like this rivalry is backwards. Melendez should be fodder in a Lashley vs EY rivalry. Lashley is the bigger name and has a built-in storyline with Eric Young taking him out of action. Melendez on the other hand is still very green. While the segment of EY pulling of Melendez's leg to choke angle was a great visual I honestly don't know what EY will get feuding with him. We will wait and see on that.

*Brooke defeated Jade in a fairly short match. I liked the Dollhouse backstage segment with the creepy music playing in the background. The Dollhouse is very caricature-driven and so far has connected with me. I liked Jade and Marti attacking Brooke's friend Rebel after Brooke defeated Jade. It builds Brooke up for another title shot down the line. 

I wonder what Taryn Terrell meant by putting the X in Destination X. I love how she is preying on the insecurities of others. Its exactly what a good villain does.

*The Rising vs BDC match wasn't anything special. It feels like these two teams have been going at it for months and that they are just spinning their wheels. I am hoping we get a blowoff Elimination Match between these two at Slammiversary where the losing team has to disband. MVP's smirk after his loss gives a hint in a possible direction they might go.

I predict that Eli Drake will be turning on Mica and Drew Galloway. He was overlooked in Hardcore War and seems to be the guy who thinks highly of himself. I could see Drake and Micah feuding while Galloway moves onto someone else.

*The Pope joined Josh Mathews on commentary again this week. This time he was much better. I like TNA rotating different guys in. Mathews is the consistent voice while Snow, Tenay and Pope offer different points of view. TNA will probably have to settle on one very soon though.

*I know many are critical of it but I really enjoyed the James Storm/Mickie James stuff. He has been creating a rift between Magnus and Mickie by playing off his friendship with her. Mickie turned down the Revolution and Storm didn't like it. His facial reactions were great during these segments. He was very Frank Underwood by pushing her onto train tracks and then calling her husband. I can't wait to see these two go at it.

While many could pick this story apart, I like it when wrestling shows push things. Lucha Underground does it and has been innovative during season one. TNA should be doing it more. It may be campy or cheesy but it is different. The world of wrestling needs to move forward.

*Match 3 in the Best of 5 Series was another great wrestling match. I like the story of the Dirty Heels winning by any means necessary when they couldn't beat The Wolves cleanly. Their backs were against the wall and they needed to turn things around. Hopefully this story gives Bobby Roode the edge he has needed for so long. I look forward to match 4 and 5 in the upcoming weeks.

*Madison Rayne was excellent on the mic during the show. Her shots at Gail Kim were great. I am hoping TNA gives her more TV time in the upcoming weeks as she has been massively underutilized since TNA came to Destination America. The stuff with Angelina and Velvet was just a repeat of a few weeks ago. It felt very similar to the stuff with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella last year. (I know, don't compare TNA to WWE).

*I want to speak briefly about the X Division. Rockstar Spud is trading in his X Title for a World Title shot which means the X Title is now vacated. TNA will be holding three 3-Way Matches with the winners advancing to a 3-way of their own. Since TNA has announced that they will be revealing those matches, I will tell you now that the three matches are Tigre Uno vs Mandrews vs DJ Z, Crazzy Steve vs Low Ki vs Manik and then Cruz vs Grado vs Kenny King.

I know many fans want TNA to bring back the X Division to its glory days but I don't see that happening. You have to believe the X Division is a main event division before doing that and I honestly don't think TNA views it like that. I feel it is a strong and unique midcard division.

I mentioned about a year back that I felt introducing a title (or have it be the X Division) where the champion could trade it in for a World Title shot after holding onto it for 100 days would be a unique idea. It a championship version of Money in the Bank. It would make the title more competitive. It would be Option C all year round. I think doing that with the title could make the division more important.