Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slammiversary 2015 Live Coverage

By Talon
June 28, 2015
Orlando, Florida

Tigre Uno defeated Manik and DJ Z in a 3-Way Elimination Match to retain the X Division Championship. Strong X Division action which gave us a nice fast-paced open to the show. Tigre busted out a new split-legged splash which he used to eliminate Manik and DJ Z.

Robbie E defeated Jessie Godderz with a Reverse DDT. Jessie ran down Robbie before the match calling himself the man in the Bromans. Jessie was pretty dominant when Robbie squeaked out the victory.

Bram defeated Matt Morgan in a Street Fight following a low blow and the Brighter Side of Suffering. Morgan took the fight to Bram and looked good despite a 2-year hiatus. I was great to see Morgan back in IMPACT Wrestling. Pope and Josh Mathews were distracting during this match arguing a bit.

Austin Aries defeated Davey Richards with a rollup. Richards was distracted when Roode came and and brawled with Eddie Edwards. Excellent back and forth contest. After the match, Austin Aries announced that at Bell to Bell, Match 5 would be a 30-minute Tag Team Ironman Match.

Brooke and Awesome Kong defeated The Dollhouse in a Handicap Match after Brooke hit the Butterface Maker from the top. Solid match.

James Storm defeated Magnus in a Unsanctioned Match after smashing a beer bottle over the head of Magnus. Match of the Year Contender. Excellent back and forth brawl. Highlights included an Elbow Drop through a table on the outside and a Superplex on a guardrail draped over two chairs.

EC3 and Tyrus defeated Lashley and Mr. Anderson in a tag team match. Lashley looked to have Tyrus pinned but EC3 connected with the One Percenter for the win.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode and Eric Young in a King of the Mountain Match to win the King of the Mountain Championship. Crazy and chaotic match with a thousand things happening. Some cool dives and moves. The announcers questioned what would happen with the championship now that Jeff Jarrett has the title.

Overall, this was an awesome show. Aries vs Richards was a fun technical bout, Storm vs Magnus was an awesome fight and we got the return of King of the Mountain. Definitely should check out the replay.