Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Playtime Is Over

In garbage strewn alleyways, rats scurry and hide at the sound of approaching human feet. Next to burning trash cans, homeless people huddle for warmth against the approaching rain clouds. In tall buildings nearby, rich people go about their business without a second thought to the pain and suffering that goes on in these dirty streets. The crime and the injustice down here? That's someone else's problem. But it is from these streets that there comes help, a figure stalking the shadows, not to do harm but to do good, to right the wrongs perpetrated by others. For now, you can just call her, the vigilante...

The Dollhouse have only been in TNA a short while but even in that time they have asserted their dominance. The Knockouts division grows weaker by the day as Taryn Terrell and her dolls have their way with it. Everywhere you look, things are chaos. Best friends have turned on each other, veterans are becoming jaded and angry, the less experienced are singled out and picked on, and even the baddest woman in Knockouts history cannot alone seem to stop The Dollhouse. But there is hope. Like a flickering candle in the darkness, this vigilante gives light to a bleak landscape.

It is said that some people just want to watch the world burn, that they have no real ambition or purpose other than to do whatever they feel like doing regardless of who is harmed in the process. If this description fits The Dollhouse, then to describe our vigilante is to say that the opposite is true because although a fire rages within this shadowy figure; a burning anger stoked by hurt and the desire for justice, what she wants more than anything is to extinguish the inferno that The Dollhouse are blazing through the Knockouts division.

Whilst Taryn, Jade and Marti are too busy with their toys to know that they are being watched, being watched is exactly what they are and soon, when the time is right, their house will come crumbling down.

Most people are a product of their environment. Look around these decaying city streets and that becomes clear, all around are people broken and used, just like the Knockouts division where these days, the TNA Knockouts, a once proud collection of women, has been reduced to nothing more than mere play things at the hands of a gang of vicious dolls.

But our vigilante has a mission and that's not to be a product of her environment — it is to make her environment be a product of HER. On this night, as she steps from the shadows, she pulls her hood around her face, hiding her identity, at least for now. Soon the world will see her face and soon The Dollhouse will be having nightmares about her. For the wicked, Playtime is over.