Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/25 IMPACT Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

IMPACT Wrestling - July 1st

* Taryn Terrell defeated Awesome Kong and Brooke in a three-way to retain the Knockouts Title. Gail Kim was the woman behind the cryptic videos. She made a brief appearance on the ramp after the lights went out before disappearing, frightening The Dollhouse.

* The BDC defeated the Rising in a 4 on 3 handicap elimination match. Low Ki eliminated Micah. Eli Drake had to be helped out to the back after doing a springboard splash to the outside and appearing to get hurt. Drew eliminated Low Ki and Kenny King after miscommunication between them. MVP pinned Drew with The Drive-By, leaving MVP and Hernandez as the sole survivors. Because they lost, the Rising now has to disband.

* James Storm introduced Serena as his tag partner. Serena said she and Mickie have been friends for ten years. She talked about how Mickie became a big star and left her behind. Storm said he wants to embarrass Magnus and Mickie and told their son that when he's old enough to watch this, this is the moment that his parents made their worst mistake.

* Mandrews defeated Crazzy Steve with the Shooting Star Press in a match taped for Xplosion. Mandrews came out on a skateboard.

* EC3 defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Title. Tyrus interfered before he was ejected from ringside. EC3 countered the Angle Slam into a rollup for the win.

* The Wolves defeated the Dirty Heels in a 30 minute Iron Man match to win the Tag Team Titles. The Heels scored a pin with four minutes to go, but then the Wolves scored two falls in the last minute to win the match.

IMPACT Wrestling - July 8th and July 15th

* Magnus and Mickie James defeated James Storm and Serena Deeb in a mixed tag team match. Mickie hit the Mickie-DT on Serena for the win. After the match, Mickie laid out Storm with the Mickie-DT and posed for the fans.

* Mr. Anderson beat Bram by DQ when Bram used a chair. He rolled Anderson on the ramp and mocked Anderson’s catchphrase before hitting him with the mic and laughed at him.

* Tigre Uno defeated Grado, DJ Z and Rockstar Spud in a four-way to retain the X Division Title. Tigre appeared to have hurt himself and was being checked on by medics. Looked like it may have been his elbow and he was able to walk out on his own.

* Jessie Godderz defeated Robbie E in a street fight. Jessie came out in a fur coat and Robbie had a new theme song. Jessie applied the Adonis Crab on Robbie while sitting on a chair and Robbie passed out.

* Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne with the stunner. Before the match, Madison cut a promo to Velvet’s face on how Velvet belongs in the crowd. Velvet attacked her while she was talking.

* EC3 said Dixie Carter is returning to TNA tonight (presumably 7/8, maybe 7/15). EC3 said he is the matchmaker tonight and will defend his title three times. He also declined Matt Hardy as his first challenger.

* The Dirty Heels defeated Matt Hardy in a handicap match. Aries pinned Matt with Roode holding Matt’s feet down. EC3 was on commentary for this match.

* The Rising were forced to disband. EC3 taunted Drew after his speech and booked him in a 3 on 1 handicap match against the Revolution.

* Drew Galloway defeated Abyss, Manik, and Khoya with a running boot to Manik. Khoya hit the Sky High on Drew for a pin attempt but Abyss stopped him from getting the win.

* The Wolves beat MVP and Kenny King by DQ to retain the Tag Team Titles. Hernandez got involved and the BDC stood tall over the Wolves.

* Brooke defeated Taryn Terrell with the X-Factor to win the Knockouts Title. During the match the lights went out and Gail beat up Jade & Marti. The lights went out again and she was gone.

* Eric Young defeated Rockstar Spud in a chain match. EY used the ref to block Spud’s offense and hit the Piledriver for the win.

* EC3 defeated Norv Fernum and Shark Boy in a gauntlet match to retain the World Title. Kurt Angle interrupted before EC3 announced his next opponent. He had a contract and demanded his title match tonight (the match will be taped tomorrow).

* Spud kicked EC3's dad in the balls and gave a stunner to Josh Mathews in the dark segment after the tapings. Tommy Dreamer came out for no reason and beat up EC3's friend. Spud then kissed EC3's mom and they both left.

Credit to Jacob Cohen for the results