Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Destination X Coverage

June 10, 2015
Orlando, Florida

EC3 kicked off the show with a sit-in to protest that he’s not wrestling for the World Title. Kurt Angle came out and dared EC3 to fight, but EC3 bailed as Rockstar Spud made his entrance.

Kurt Angle defeated Rockstar Spud with the Ankle Lock to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Damn, that was an exciting match. I’m glad Spud held his own against Angle right up until the finish. Josh Mathews and The Pope did a good job selling the underdog story.

Taryn Terrell cut a short promo announcing that her match with Awesome Kong is now a lingerie pillow fight. Taryn said that Kong has to wear lingerie tonight or she’s not getting a title shot.

Low Ki defeated Manik and Crazzy Steve in an X Division qualifier with the Warrior’s Way on Manik. Solid match. I was hoping they would switch gears and push Manik for a change, but Low Ki makes sense. The BDC now has a guaranteed presence in the X Division finals and it should be interesting to see if Kenny King joins Low Ki as well.

Tigre Uno defeated Mandrews and DJ Z in an X Division qualifier with the Sabertooth Splash on Mandrews. Jessie Godderz attacked DJ Z and laid him out with a military press over the top rope. Hot action. All three guys worked hard to put on a vintage X Division match that woke up the crowd. Jessie's post-match attack was well done – he's starting to carve his niche as a ruthless heel.

Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong were supposed to have a lingerie pillow fight, but Kong didn’t wear her lingerie and instead beat down Jade and Marti. Brooke came out and challenged Taryn to a match for the title. Taryn refused, so Brooke stripped Taryn of her robe to end the segment. Well, that was entertaining. I really like Taryn's behavior and her corruption of the Knockouts Division. Nice to see Brooke stepping up where Gail and Kong failed. History may be repeating itself with Brooke ending another record-breaking Knockouts title reign at Slammiversary...

Grado defeated Cruz and Kenny King in an X Division qualifier with the Roll and Slice on Cruz. It’s Yersel (or should I say, Xcell-ent). I actually like Grado; I think his antics are amusing. That being said, I don't want Grado to win the X Division Title. I am looking forward though to seeing how Tigre Uno and Low Ki react to facing Grado in the near future.

Bram defeated Crimson in an open challenge with the Brighter Side of Suffering. Solid match. Nice to see Crimson back in TNA, hopefully on a regular basis because I think he has something to offer. I guess TNA is sorta repeating the "King of Hardcore" gimmick for Bram except he's going after former TNA talents instead of former ECW guys. At least it's consistent with Bram's character and builds the nostalgia leading to Slammiversary.

Kurt Angle defeated Austin Aries with the Ankle Lock to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 ambushed Angle after the match and held the title as the show went off the air. Awesome match! I loved the intensity and determination from both guys. If only this got a few more minutes without the stinking commercial, it may have been a Match of the Year candidate IMO.

Overall, I thought this was another good show. The two World Title matches were outstanding, the Knockouts segment was entertaining, the X Division qualifiers were okay (although not as good as in previous years), and Crimson's return was a nice bonus. Thumbs up!