Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Brooke Talks Her Character, Knockouts Title and More

Welcome back to another exclusive interview on the v2 wrestling podcast. Tonight, Adam is joined by TNA Knockout, Brooke. Check out the full interview at v2wrestling.com. Below are some highlights.

On chasing the Knockouts Championship: "You know I won my first Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary in my home state of Texas, so it would be so sweet for me to win my third Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary. That's really what I'm hoping for, but first and foremost Kong and I have to take care of business. I was the first one to beat the Dollhouse and to take away their winning reign, so you cannot beat Kong and I. Are you kidding me? Have you seen Kong? Now think about Kong and me together. It's not happening. I know these girls are scared."

On the idea behind her character: "This was me. I just wanted to be happy Brooke, that's it. I’m known to be the goofy, off the wall, smiling, trying to make everybody laugh type of person. Do I get incredibly stressed and irritable? Yes, but at the end of the day I’m such a happy, loving person. I’m going to show them how happy I am to come out there every single week and perform for the fans. You know what’s even happier than happy? Rainbows. I’m going to be rainbow riding out there and wearing rainbows, and I think if you listen steadily week by week, the crowd is going crazy over this new happy, carefree character. What’s even better about that is that’s me. It’s not even a character, that’s just who I am at heart. So what you’re seeing out there is me."

On working with Taryn Terrell: "Taryn and I are really close friends. We work out together, we travel together, we do our makeup together—we’re very, very close. I see her daughter every holiday or whatever, so this change is something that is totally new to me. When she surprised the world by being a part of the Dollhouse and flipping on everyone, it was kind of a total shock. Taryn is a great athlete, she’s very strong. I’m actually excited for the world to see it. I’d love to have an extended storyline with her. We know that she’s crazy and she will jump off just about anything. I think that brings really exciting stuff to the ring, because you have this crazy blonde that’s kind of annoying and this happy brunette with the big booty. I think that’s pretty exciting."

On Billy Corgan's influence in TNA: "He is great. He’s there for every pre-tape, he’s there when we’re talking about matches, everything. He’s very hands-on and he’s got his nose in everything, and I don’t mean in a bad way. He is awesome. He’s so comfortable to speak with; you can go up to him and ask him anything and everything. I mean, you could have a conversation about the weather if you wanted to. But as far as characters and everything, I think he’s brilliant. He knows a lot about what he’s doing. It’s great to have a different mind that is so talented, so artistically drawn to wrestling in the way that he is. It’s a different way to even look at wrestling, so yeah, he is definitely back there and you can get tips from him and he’s out there telling you that maybe you should do it this way or you should try this or whatever. It’s been pretty exciting."

Has Billy made any suggestions to her: "No, he just told me literally that I have nothing to say to you. I believe everything that you’re doing, I can’t correct you on anything. I just want you to keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Which, to me, is a positive thing. He's said it to me a couple of times, and he's talked to us as a group about what we need to change and how we need to fix things. I was about ready to fall over because it was such a great compliment to me, to hear that from somebody like him."

On a potential tag team with Rebel: "I’m not sure. I do respect her a lot, she’s a great friend of mine. She’s learning very, very well. She’s got some crazy legs and she’s strong and athletic. I think she does bring a cool element to the ring but as far as if we’re going to be a tag team and teaming up from this point forward, I’m not sure. For me right now, the only thing that I’m focused on is the Knockouts Championship."

On working block tapings: "It is hard, but it just keeps me motivated. That’s my job. Honestly, we don’t get to shoot enough and travel as much as I would like to. Like there’s no house shows going on right now. Is it crazy and tedious and hard to go into three or four shows at once? Yes, absolutely. But I can’t tell you how much I enjoy every single moment of it."

On future opponents: "I’m hoping first and foremost obviously that I’ll win the title for the third time. I think it’ll be a fresh thing for the company, it’s been a long time coming. It’s been three years since I've been anywhere close to a title reign, so obviously that’s what I’m looking for and hoping will happen. I would love to do something with Kong. I am terrified, I am not gonna lie, but she’s also iconic in the wrestling world, not just in our division but all over the world. I think she’s got so much that I can learn from, I can pick her brain and I would love to do something with her. Outside of the Dollhouse, I don’t know if Mickie James is getting back in the ring; it’s been a long time since I’ve worked with her and she’s a legend as well. And of course some of my best matches I’ve ever had was against Gail Kim. So those are a couple of names. I feel like I can always grow and learn from these women. Not only walk away as a stronger athlete but as a stronger professional wrestler."

On her favorite match or storyline: "I definitely loved my storyline with Tara. The student versus the teacher, absolutely loved that storyline. As much as I want to say my favorite match of all time was when I won the championship and it used to be – I'll always hold that near and dear to my heart – but my favorite match was at Bound For Glory. It was me, ODB and Gail Kim with Lei'D Tapa interfering, where Gail revealed that her and Tapa had been a team. That was a great match."