Wednesday, June 03, 2015

6/3 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

June 3, 2015
Orlando, Florida

EC3 kicked off the show with a #1 contender celebration, complete with a barbershop quintet, two blonde women and a bunch of balloons. Kurt Angle came out and said Rockstar Spud might cash in Option C tonight, but EC3 said he’s going to make Spud an offer he can’t refuse. Well, that was certainly entertaining. This celebration was all in good fun and set the stage for the Option C promo later tonight. Good stuff.

Lashley defeated Eric Young with the Spear following a distraction from Chris Melendez. Solid match. Lashley looked great; his power moves are impressive. Not excited about an EY/Melendez feud, but let’s see how it goes.

Austin Aries gave a pep talk to Rockstar Spud regarding Option C. Aries mentioned how everybody has cashed in Option C each year and told Spud to think about doing something different and be a fighting X Division Champion. I like how they’re building this decision from all angles.

Brooke defeated Jade with the Tess-Shocker after Jade accidentally kicked Marti off the ring apron. Interesting, this is the first time that the Dollhouse has really tasted defeat since their arrival in TNA. Brooke may be in line for a big push against Taryn, so this is a good start.

Backstage, Rebel congratulated Brooke on her victory. As Brooke left to take a shower, the Dollhouse attacked Rebel and took her out.

The Rising defeated the BDC in a six-man tag match when Drew Galloway pinned Low Ki following a Doomsday Device with Micah. Fun match. That was a nice clean win for The Rising. I have a feeling this will lead to one final match at Slammiversary where the losing team disbands. I want to see more of Eli Drake and Micah on their own.

Rockstar Spud came face to face with Kurt Angle for his decision on Option C. EC3 interrupted and bribed Spud with a lifetime job as the Chief of Staff, but Spud rejected the offer and cashed in the X Division Title to face Angle for the World Title next week at Destination X. Brilliant segment. I loved the way they built this as "The Temptation of Spud." I can't say I'm happy about the X Division Title being vacated again, but I am glad Spud is getting a huge opportunity like this. It reminds me of an old saying: Sometimes you have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.

James Storm and Mickie James were at an office in Nashville where Storm asked Mickie to pledge to the Revolution. Mickie turned him down and said she loves Magnus and her son. As they were walking outside, Storm shoved her down and answered a phone call from Magnus, telling him that Mickie won't make it home. That was a compelling segment. I liked the camerawork and Mickie's performance here. We know Mickie has agreed to one more match. Now I'm wondering if Storm will handpick someone like Havok to end her career.

The Dirty Heels defeated the Wolves in Match #3 when Bobby Roode pinned Eddie Edwards following a low blow and a chair shot (Wolves are up 2-1). Man, this Tag Title Series is kicking some major ass! Another exciting match with double-teams, near falls and fun spots. I loved the finish with Roode being conflicted before reverting to his dirty tactics again. This has turned from mutual respect to championship desire. The next match should be very interesting.

Madison Rayne confronted Velvet Sky and taunted her in the ring. Velvet laid out Madison before Angelina Love came out and told security to arrest her. Angelina attacked a handcuffed Velvet and then Angelina was arrested for assaulting a "fan". Nice to see Madison on TV again, although she looked like a chump getting taken down by Velvet. (A stunner, really?) I applaud TNA for pushing the boundaries a little. I'll be happy if this leads to a brutal grudge match in the end.

Kurt Angle and Rockstar Spud defeated EC3 and Tyrus when Spud pinned Tyrus. Solid main event. Tyrus doesn't do anything for me in the ring but other than that, everything else was fine. That was a weird twist after the match with Aries announcing his World Title shot at Destination X. It kind of overshadows the significance of Spud's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity against Angle, but whatever. I'm still looking forward to seeing both title matches next week.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight's show. Good matches, fun promos, Destination X buildup and even a few twists. I thought there was a good mix of everything, even exploring different territories with the Mickie/Storm and Angelina/Velvet segments. Thumbs up!