Saturday, June 27, 2015

6/27 IMPACT Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

IMPACT Wrestling - July 29th and August 5th

* Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne via stunner in a match taped for Xplosion.

* Brooke defeated Marti Bell to retain the Knockouts Title. The show opened with The Dollhouse making their entrance. A Gail Kim vignette distracted Bell, allowing Brooke to hit a facebuster for the win and retain her title...

* Bobby Lashley defeated Tyrus. Lots of "Funkasaurus" chants early on. EC3 joined Josh Mathews and The Pope on commentary. Lashley performed an impressive electric chair drop on Tyrus, and then finished him off with the spear...

* Eli Drake defeated Drew Galloway via rollup and a handful of tights. The heel Drake came out with a #SitDown shirt and was said to be impressive. Galloway took the fight to Drake in the entrance isle. Drew chased him to the back after.

* Austin Aries cut a promo on Bully Ray. They went back and forth, with Aries claiming that he deserves to be number one contender to the TNA title. When that was shot down, he brought up the Dirty Heels deserving a tag title match. Bully offered an X Division title match but Aries declined. Rockstar Spud made his entrance and they bickered about Option C. Aries said that Spud has nothing to show for himself in TNA, then challenged Spud to a match to prove himself. Aries then nailed Spud with a cheap shot and headed to the back.

* EC3 cut a promo bashing Jeff Hardy and his broken leg. He mentioned Matt taking his brother's place but not being championship material. Jeff Hardy made his entrance to a huge pop. Jeff ran down EC3 with insults and prompted the crowd to boo him. He introduced his brother Matt and the crowd chanted "Matt for Champ!" Matt jumped to ringside and started pulling out a table, a ladder, and then a chair. Jeff took a seat in one of the chairs and announced it would be a Full Metal Mayhem match, They had a staredown to end the segment.

* Mr. Anderson defeated Bram via small package. Bram made his entrance holding Anderson's detached microphone. After the match, Bram followed him up the ramp and laid him out with the microphone.

* Dixie Carter and Mike Tenay inducted Jeff Jarrett into the TNA Hall of Fame. Jarrett was introduced to a nice round of applause. He spoke about his accomplishments and started thanking everyone specifically. Various wrestlers appeared on the stage, including Shane Helms and Al Snow, and applauded as Jeff and Karen Jarrett made their departure.

* Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse in a three-on-one handicap match. Taryn Terrell ran away partly into the match, leaving it a two-on-one handicap. Gail Kim scored the pin over Marti.

* Kurt Angle announced that he has a tumor in his neck that must be surgically removed. He said when he recovers, he's coming for EC3 and the title. Eric Young took credit for the tumor and attacked Angle before Chris Melendez made the save. EY gave Melendez the piledriver on the floor for massive heat from the crowd.

* Rockstar Spud defeated Austin Aries via Underdog. The stipulation was if Aries won, he got to take "Rockstar" from Spud's name but if Spud won, Aries had to leave TNA. This was an exciting match. Aries received a standing ovation and Bobby Roode hugged him as he left.

* Mahabali Shera beat James Storm by DQ when Storm hit him with a cowbell. Shera had no entrance music and wrestled in jeans and sneakers, and screamed a lot.

* EC3 defeated Matt Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match to retain the World Heavyweight Title. The stipulation was there would be no outside interference. EC3 retained after pushing Matt off the ladder and grabbing the title. A pretty intense match. Matt was favoring his knee and had help walking to the back. Not sure if that's legitimate or just a sell.

* Kenny King cut a promo about himself, then shifted his attention to Hernandez. They sized each other up, but MVP interrupted them. He talked some sense into them, but Kenny King stormed off all immature-like.

* Eric Young defeated Chris Melendez via piledriver. Melendez made his entrance accompanied by Kurt Angle and cut a military hyped promo that got the crowd chanting USA.

* Christy Hemme set up a plug for BBQ Pitmasters on the stage. The Dollhouse interrupted and pushed the charcoal grill off the stage. Taryn Terrell screamed on the microphone all the way to the ring. All three ladies got in the cage as Taryn yelled at Gail Kim. Her music cut them off for a few seconds, but she didn't come out. Taryn yelled some more that nobody can beat her and Brooke came out to talk her down. She coaxed Taryn into getting out of the cage long enough for the lights to go out. When they came back on, Jade and Marti were locked in the cage with Gail Kim. She roughed them up as Brooke ran off Taryn at ringside.

* Hernandez defeated Lashley in a steel cage match. Shortly after the bell, Kenny King and MVP made their way to ringside. Every time Lashley would attempt to climb the cage, the BDC would interfere. Kenny King climbed the cage from the outside and performed a crossbody from the top into Lashley, allowing Hernandez to escape the cage and steal the victory and to end the taping.

Credit to for Ponke and Pro Wrestling Dot Net for the results.