Friday, June 26, 2015

6/26 IMPACT Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

IMPACT Wrestling - July 15th and July 22nd

* Kurt Angle beat World Champion EC3 by DQ when EC3 punched Brian Hebner. Stiffler and Earl ran down and Stiffler called for a DQ. EC3 hid from Angle in the crowd as the refs held Angle back.

* Dixie Carter returned as a face and repented for her past actions. She talked about how the Carters abused their power and what EC3 has done is embarrassing. She said someone needs to deal with all of the hard choices and make sure this is the best company on the planet and she has the exact person for the job: it is not her or Ethan.

* Grado defeated DJ Z via school boy in a match taped for Xplosion.

* Dixie Carter cut a promo with the entire roster surrounding the ring. She apologized for what she did to the roster and the fans before announcing that Bully Ray is the new authority figure in TNA. Bully put over some of the wrestlers, asked the crowd if they want him to take TNA to the promise land, and accepted the job.

* Drew Galloway won a 20 man battle royal, last eliminating Eric Young to earn a World Title shot. The match included Bram, Eric Young, Austin Aries, Jessie Godderz, Micah, Hernandez, Magnus, MVP, Mandrews, Shark Boy, Norv Fernum, Chris Melendez, Crazzy Steve, Abyss, Manik, Khoya, Robbie E and James Storm.

* Brooke defeated Marti Bell to retain the Knockouts Title. The lights went out and Gail Kim’s new music and screen hit. She wasn’t out though. Brooke hit Marti with the X Factor for the win.

* Khoya turned face after James Storm slapped him too many times. He ripped off his Revolution shirt and gave Storm the Sky High. He said his name is Mahabali Shera and Storm will never touch him or slap him again. Storm freaked out and smashed the Revolution stick into the mat.

* The Wolves defeated Kenny King and Hernandez to retain the Tag Team Titles. The Wolves hit the Force of Nature on King for the win. MVP got thrown out early in the match.

* EC3 defeated Drew Galloway after a ref bump and a heel turn from Eli Drake to retain the World Title. Eli gave EC3 a pat on the shoulder as he left and threw his Rising shirt at the ring.

IMPACT Wrestling - July 29th

* Bully Ray suspended Eli Drake for a week due to his actions in the World Title match. After nearly stripping EC3 of the title, Bully decided to book four contender matches and EC3 gets to pick the stipulations.

* Matt Hardy defeated Bobby Roode in a tables match. This was part of the contender matches, along with EY/Spud and Lashley/Hernandez (taped tomorrow).

* Bram defeated Magnus in a street fight. Storm attacked Magnus after the match. He said if he thought it was bad before it is about to get a lot worse when he sees who he has for their match later tonight.

* Eli Drake cut a promo addressing his heel turn. He talked about being held down by The Rising and said that Drew will never be champion because he doesn't deserve it. Drew confronted Eli and they got into a huge brawl before Eli bailed out of the ring.

* Matt Hardy defeated Hernandez, Bram and Eric Young in a ladder match to become the number one contender. Anderson attacked Bram during the match and put him through a table. Hernandez gave EY a border toss into a ladder in the corner. Matt gave Hernandez a Twist of Fate off a ladder. Matt pulled down the contract and celebrated with Bully.

Credit to Jacob Cohen for the results.