Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6/17 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

June 17, 2015
Orlando, Florida

TNA aired a short tribute to Dusty Rhodes. Very classy.

The show kicked off with the contract signing between Kurt Angle and Ethan Carter III. Host Mike Tenay announced that both guys will have warm-up matches over the next two weeks. Good, simple segment. Both guys put over each other's skills and hyped their World Title match for Bell to Bell on July 1st. This match has been a long time coming and I'm looking forward to their clash. I'm glad they're treating this like the biggest main event in TNA history — it just might be.

The Wolves called out Dirty Heels for Match #4 in the Tag Title Series. Bobby Roode said that Austin Aries is not medically cleared and instead challenged Eddie Edwards to a singles match, with the winner picking the stipulation for the next match. I like that they're adding a little something to make this pop. Match #4 is crucial in the sense that the Wolves can clinch their victory or the Heels can tie the series for a monster finale. The promos and setup were well done.

Eddie Edwards defeated Bobby Roode with a rollup. After the match, The Wolves announced Full Metal Mayhem for Match #4 in the Tag Title Series. Both guys were pretty evenly matched and put on a great performance. The ending was cool as the Wolves outsmarted the Heels when it seemed like Roode was going to one-up Eddie again. Full Metal Mayhem should be amazing.

Bram defeated Joseph Park with a spear through a table. The announcers mentioned that Bram’s open challenges to past TNA stars will be No DQ. Nice to see Joseph for old time's sake. That Bram is one nasty fella, isn't he? I'm getting more and more curious about who's going to show up next. What if they really dig into the past and bring back someone we haven't seen in years?!

There was an apocalyptic promo that teased "Playtime is over." Hmm, could this be the return of Havok or a new Knockout? Either way, it seems like someone who can be a difference maker in the Knockouts division, which is always a good sign. Might be a surprise for the live show.

Brooke and Awesome Kong defeated Jade and Marti Bell when Brooke pinned Marti with a flying elbow from Kong’s shoulders. Per the stipulation, Brooke and Kong will face Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Title. Fun match. I like that they're making the Dollhouse more vulnerable in the ring. Brooke and Kong had some good chemistry as well. By the way, congrats to Taryn for becoming the longest reigning Knockouts Champion — she's come a long way as both a wrestler and a character since her TNA debut in 2012.

Chris Melendez and Eric Young had a face to face confrontation to hype their singles match next week. While I've had my doubts about this feud, this was a very effective segment. Melendez was seething mad over what happened at Hardcore War while EY played a callous villain on the mic. The setup for their match next week has all the makings of an explosive brawl. Good stuff.

Jessie Godderz defeated DJ Z with the Adonis Crab. Robbie E came back and brawled with Jessie to end the segment. Basically a squash match, nothing more. I’m loving this ruthless side of Jessie. I've always thought that he looked the part, and now he has the acting chops to back it up (wrestling ability is TBD on his own but so far, so good). I'm keeping an open mind about Robbie as long as they give him new music and a better moveset.

Magnus called out James Storm after what happened with Mickie James at the train station a few weeks ago. Storm brought out a baby carriage and made it sound like he kidnapped Magnus' son, but it was just a doll he threw off the stage. Wow, the animosity was damn near off the charts. Storm may as well be Satan, because that's the vibe he gives off with his promos and actions. I'm looking forward to their Slammiversary match, perhaps an Unlocked or Last Man Standing match.

EC3 defeated Lashley with the One Percenter after hitting him with a steel chair as the referee was down. Tyrus’ interference was annoying and Mathews was a little over the top with his worship of EC3, but otherwise this was a good main event. While I don't agree with the overbooked nonsense, you can't deny that this is a big momentum booster for EC3 over the man who pummeled his ass last year at Lockdown. (Please tell me that Tyrus will be banned from ringside for the title match).

Overall, this was a great show. Everything had a purpose tonight and built to future events very well. I especially liked the intensity and reactions from each wrestler regarding their respective storylines. I kinda wish that they did a promo for something for the X Division Title match, but no big deal. Bring on the live show and nostalgia leading to Slammiversary. See you next week!