Sunday, May 31, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon
May 29, 2015
Orlando, Florida

May Mayhem kicked off in exciting fashion as Eric Young was greeted in the parking lot by Kurt Angle. Interesting use of camera shots as a cameraman was sitting in the backseat of EY's car. I liked how security locked both men in separate rooms until the main event. It makes sense.

-The Six Sides of Steel Match between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim was fun. I am starting to dig the Dollhouse's new theme. TNA is starting to use props for their wrestlers, which we saw with the Dollhouse in the form of an actual dollhouse and a vanity. 

While the match wasn't anything special, it was the aftermath that I enjoyed. It makes sense for Taryn to try and break the ring finger of Gail Kim as it would be too swollen to wear a ring. Its symbolic of what Terrell has been trying to do, getting personal with Gail's husband, Robert Irvine. I also enjoyed the visual of Awesome Kong looking on helplessly as this all happened. While I don't agree with the steel cage's purpose being just a confinement, it was used well as a weapon tonight.

-The Mickie James/James Storm stuff was solid. Not much to talk about other than it appearing that James Storm is setting Mickie up for something. I am still curious whether Mickie James will be sticking around beyond her one match. She would be a wonderful addition to the Knockouts. We should be getting the next chapter next week with TNA's move to Wednesdays.

Speaking of Wednesdays, I wrote a column about "Wednesday Night Wrestling" and what it means on my personal blog, which you can check out now.

-The X Division Gauntlet was a solid spotlight of the X Division. I want to note how cool I think the short little videos that play before the Knockouts and X Division Matches are. It really separates those divisions as something unique.

While I have seen many better X Division Matches, there was some solid high-flying during the match. These guys are limited when they can't fly to the outside but did some good stuff in the ring. It was fun seeing Crazzy Steve and Argos (even if the latter landed on his head). We didn't see Tigre Uno who entered and was eliminated during the commercial break. This match was mostly about Rockstar Spud and Kenny King. King was dominant until Spud surprised him with a roll-up to win back the title.

Two notes here; I like that TNA explains the rules to these matches. Even though they aren't complicated I think it makes TNA appear more consistent when they do this for new viewers. Secondly, I don't know why Rockstar Spud lost the X Division Title if he was going to win it back a few weeks later. More could have been accomplished had he defended the title all this time. My best guess is that it was Davey Richards who was scheduled to win the title (later to trade it in) but with The Hardys out and with Eddie Edwards back, TNA had to call an audible.

-Speaking of the Wolves, their match against Dirty Heels was entertaining as hell. Like the first match, this was back and forth with a bunch of nearfalls. There were a few times I jumped out of my seat thinking that was it. With the Wolves up 2-0, I wonder if the Dirty Heels try and start playing dirty. If Austin Aries is leaving TNA (hopefully not), there are no better people to be in the ring with than The Wolves and Bobby Roode.

-Al Snow was back on commentary with Josh Mathews tonight. It seems that TNA is rotating between Snow, Pope and Mike Tenay. Snow was better this time than the first time around. Out of the three candidates, I think Snow would be the most interesting. Tenay is knowledgeable but is associated with the old TNA. I would be okay with him returning. As for the Pope, I like him but he is very redundant on commentary, using sayings over and over.

-The Angelina Love and Velvet Sky segment was short and sweet. Much like the first confrontation, Velvet attacked Angelina Love. Angelina's security escorted Velvet out of the arena. Velvet will get her job back and then get her match with Angelina, whether that is on June 24th or at Slammiversary.

-The match against Mr. Anderson did a lot for EC3 on this show. Tyrus was eventually locked in a cage ringside forcing EC3 to deal with Anderson himself. EC3 not only defeated Anderson but he kicked out of Anderson's Mic Check. Anderson showing EC3 that he earned his respect by extending his hand, only for EC3 to walk away was a good way to build credibility. EC3 is now #1 on the IMPACT Top 5 which means a World Title shot is coming his way.

-The I Quit Match between Eric Young and Kurt Angle was a good brawl. I enjoyed their other matches more than this one. It was a back and forth contest. My favorite part of the match was EY "tapping out" to escape Angle's Ankle Lock. This opened Angle up for a low blow. It was clever of EY to do that. With Angle defeating EY, he can move onto EC3 while EY can feud with Lashley.

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