Saturday, May 02, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon
May 1, 2015

*We were immediately put into action as The Hardys and Davey Richards battled The Revolution's Abyss, Manik and Khoya in a Street Fight. This was your standard TNA brawl. We did get the Tower of "Boom" (As Al Snow called it). Nothing special here.

At this point, I could see the Revolution splitting up. Manik should be like a Deadpool/Spiderman character who is a charismatic smart-ass. Abyss could become Joseph Park again and be a special attraction while working as an agent or something backstage. He is so stale at this point. I don't really care what happens to Khoya as he has a lot of work to do.

*The EC3/Anderson exchange was okay. I much rather preferred last week's segment as EC3 did a majority of the talking. Mr. Anderson has a WWE style of comedy which I don't really find funny. It served its purpose to give EC3 an opponent he can defeat in his conquest of the World Title. Next week, we will be getting either an Arm Wrestling Match or a Falls Count Anywhere Match. My guess is that it will be the latter.

*I thought the X Division Ladder Match was really fun. TNA was lazy with the booking by putting Tigre Uno and Mandrews in there despite them not even being on TV in months. Why did they deserve a title shot? TNA could have made me care more about those two with a short pretape or something. Rockstar Spud could say that he has an open door policy where anyone can challenge for the belt. It would have provided more context for the match.

With that said, Tigre Uno earned his TV spot tonight. I always thought he had potential to be a cornerstone of the division. He has a good look and he was impressive during the match. Mandrews also did well. Kenny King ended up winning due to the interference of Homicide. He is a game-changer for the BDC.

This wasn't much of a title reign for Rockstar Spud. He won the title a few weeks ago and I believe he had one title defense since, which he won after interference. People are behind the character and he could be the one to bring attention back to the X Division. It sounds like he will be in chase mode now so I expect him to mix it up with the BDC in the near future.

*I loved the Dollhouse vignette. They are so creepy yet sexy. The Dollhouse music that brings them to the ring is very eerie and perfect for the group. I like how Taryn has really embraced her new character. She defeated Brooke in fashion.

They had Gail Kim come out and played up the fact that she was alone. She revealed that she wasn't alone though which led to Awesome Kong coming out. The unlikely alliance will face the Dollhouse next week on the Live episode of IMPACT. 

*TNA finally announced that Slammiversary would be on June 28th in Orlando. TNAsylum readers would have already gotten the heads up as earlier in the day, we reported from Universal's website the location. While I correctly called the typo on Universal's website, we pretty much know where and when Slammiversary would take place by the time IMPACT aired. We were made fun of by others but it ended up being true.

*The Pipe on a Pole Match was very entertaining. I think the stipulation wasn't needed as the pipe never really came into play. They could have just had a regular No DQ Match and gotten the same results. This thing was stiff. From the suplex on the apron to the Stomp to Drew on the chair, it was an enjoyable match. I was anticipating this thing since Drew came to TNA and we got a nice payoff.

My guess is that next week a new Rising member debuts. My vote is for Crimson.

*Al Snow joined Josh Mathews on commentary during the show. Overall, he wasn't impressive but he also wasn't bad. I would be in favor of giving him more time to develop. He didn't distract from the show and actually looked like he was enjoying calling things.

*I liked the interaction between James Storm and Magnus. Last week, Magnus had the camera crew follow Mickie James. As a result, we saw that she met James in a parking lot and the two shopped together. James implied that there was something going on between the longtime friends. I like having the Cowboy manipulate the situation and play Magnus against Mickie. My guess is that we will find out the truth soon enough which could lead to the return/debut of a Knockout to team with Storm against Magnus/Mickie. Good stuff!

*The main event Stretcher Match was a fun brawl between Kurt Angle and Eric Young. Earlier in the show, EY teased sending Lashley and Aries from TNA and he wanted to do the same with Kurt. They went back and forth all during the match until EY rolled Kurt into the exposed turnbuckle. Seconds later, he strapped Kurt onto the Stretcher for the win. EY will get a World Title shot next week.

Last year, I was one of the main people who criticized TNA for putting the World Title on EY. At that point, I didn't think there was enough buildup to the move or the character. After 5 months of building up this crazed version of EY, I do think TNA could be in a position to give EY the belt. I don't necessarily think that's what they should do, but there is buildup to do so. He has arguably been TNA's MVP this year.