Thursday, May 07, 2015

Tag Title Turmoil

Sounds like a great idea for a match, but no. It's just the sad truth of what TNA are experiencing at the moment. In the last six months TNA have been faced with injuries affecting whomever holds their Tag Team Titles. Three times in six months is an extreme run of bad luck for TNA, especially when they are trying to put more focus on their tag teams.

The recent injury to Jeff Hardy is especially awkward as they have just done a tournament to crown new champions. What should TNA do now? If they vacate the titles and set up another tournament (which is usually the standard procedure in wrestling these days) it would look like they have run out of ideas. Also, I don't see Matt Hardy holding any other titles in the near future, if ever, and I doubt the Hardys would get a second opportunity to run with the belts as presumably TNA will want to rotate Jeff back into the World Title picture.

I propose an alternative. We are in the unique circumstance where both Eddie Edwards and Jeff Hardy are out of action So why not have the former champion Davey Richards take over as Matt Hardy's partner and defend the belts with him? There is enough time for them to realistically defend the belts twice before Slammiversary. The first match would be against someone like The Revolution or BDC just to get over the whole teasing dissent between Richards and Hardy that is almost obligatory in pro wrestling these days.

The next part is finding another credible team for them to compete against. It is worth noting that TNA recently applied for the trademark 'Dirty Heels' so maybe a good team for them to face is the newly reformed team of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries — it does seem that TNA has future plans for the Dirty Heels. They could have a very good match and a victory here would certainly show the unity between the two champions.

The final part of my plan does have a few strings attached; however, the end result would be amazing. If both Eddie Edwards and Jeff Hardy are going to be able to return at Slammiversary, TNA could set up a champion vs. champion match between The Wolves, who never lost their titles, and The Hardys, who are technically the current champions.

When you include the idea of Davey and Matt defending the belts over the past month, gaining new insight and respect for each other coupled with the amazing match that would happen, could certainly make for one of those special moments in wrestling that is rarely achieved. It would also allow a reset for TNA, giving them the power to choose which of the storylines they had devised before the injuries began to pile up.

One thing is for certain: if TNA decides to go in this direction, we will have some great Tag Team action in the coming weeks and a potential big marquee match for Slammiversary.

TNA needs to put on an amazing show for Slammiversary as it is their first time on Live PPV in almost a year (not counting BFG 2014). What we see on that show could very well define TNA's current position, both economically and from a purely entertainment standpoint. I, for one, am hoping for an amazing PPV and a chance to silence some of the haters out there who still believe after all these years that TNA is going out of business.

Penny For Your Thoughts

- What do you think of TNA using the main event talent in the Tag Team Division? Is it a good use of talent or a sign that TNA has no plans for certain people?

- I may have come across as down on Matt Hardy despite thinking he's in the best position since his initial big run in WWE. What do you think of Matt Hardy's current run in TNA?

- What are your thoughts on the current Tag Team Division and the matches we are getting to see?