Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Should TNA promote sexuality in wrestling?

Welcome back to another edition of the v2 Wrestling podcast and welcome to all of our listeners on and the forum. Next week, I will be interviewing Bobby Roode, so if you have a question you would like asked, please get in touch!

This week Adam is joined by Rich, Paul, Ethan and new team member Lexi Helms to talk about the latest news in wrestling. The show then moves on to a quick roundup of last week's TNA action with a focus on the closing image of Eric Young choking out Kurt Angle with a prosthetic leg.

We also have a lengthy discussion over Mr. Anderson – is he a valuable asset to TNA anymore? The team is split on him but don’t forget we would like to know what you think of him!

We then move on a debate around Dolph Ziggler and where he stands in the WWE right now. Our question of the week is whether TNA should try and steal Ziggler and make him their top star. Would he go? Is he good enough to lead a promotion? Let us know!

Our final part of the show centres around the recent change in Taryn Terrell's character and the move back towards using scantily clad women on a mainstream wrestling show. Does it have a place in wrestling in 2015?

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