Thursday, May 21, 2015

Having Fun with Dirtsheets

No matter how hard we try, no doubt each of us has read a dirtsheet at some time or another. I also imagine that a lot of you out there are like me and have your favorite ones to read on a regular basis, whether it's to find out rumors or just for pure entertainment value. Anyway, I'm going to have some fun with one of the dirtsheets' favorite stories that they post on a monthly basis.

"TNA morale is low backstage" — I'm sure we have all come across a variety of these articles over the years on the internet. Hell, I can usually find one when I'm looking around for TNA news. I'm going to turn this report on its head and hopefully come out with something that could find its way onto a dirtsheet. I must stress this is purely for entertainment purposes and no disrespect is meant.

Morale low in WWE following Wrestlemania
My sources backstage at recent WWE live events have noted that morale has dropped over the period since Wrestlemania. The main point of contention in the locker room was the decision to pass over the younger talent on the grandest stage of them all, and instead have two of the company's biggest names holding both the IC and US titles. 
This has led some of the talents to believe that the glass ceiling in WWE has started to lower, keeping most of them from their Wrestlemania moment. 
There have been reports of several talents sending out feelers to UK promotions, asking them to keep their names in the loop for events near the end of the year, after their contracts run their course. 
Another major talking point was the way NXT talents are being used once they reach the main roster, with many talents left wondering if it would be better off staying in NXT until the creative position changes. 
Other Side Of The Tracks has reached out to WWE, who have yet to issue a statement on the reports.

As you can see, it takes very little effort or creativity to grasp around for enough content to produce such an article and maybe that is part of the reason why they are so popular on the dirtsheets. Easy work that is guaranteed to get views from the TNA haters out there and continue the current trend of being negative about everything TNA does.

I still enjoy reading the dirtsheets to find out what ludicrous things they are trying to pass off as "newsworthy". However, I have since stopped believing anything I read on them.

Penny For Your Thoughts

- How many people out there read dirtsheets on a regular basis?

- Can dirtsheets still provide insight into the deeper machinations of the wrestling business?

- Do you think that we've become a little too obsessed with the backstage goings-on in wrestling?