Friday, May 01, 2015

Hardcore Justice Coverage

May 1, 2015
Orlando, Florida

The Hardys and Davey Richards defeated the Revolution in a six-man hardcore match when Jeff pinned Abyss with the Swanton. Good match to start the show. They did a lot of brawling with weapons before they picked up the pace with some fun spots in the ring. Can we please move on from the Revolution now? They are so directionless at this point.

Mr. Anderson called out EC3 and vowed to end his undefeated streak. They agreed to a match next week on the live IMPACT, with the fans voting for the stipulation. Simple, short and effective promo. I liked the mix of comedy and intensity between both characters. Anderson should provide a good challenge, but I'm guessing EC3 will prevail and take one step closer to the World Title.

Kenny King defeated Rockstar Spud, Tigre Uno and Mandrews in a four-way ladder match to win the X Division Championship. Fun match. I forgot how much I missed those multi-man X Division spotfests. Hopefully we'll see more of this on a regular basis. TNA seems to be pushing Homicide as the difference maker for the BDC.

Eric Young cut a promo about his stretcher match against Kurt Angle. EY talked about injuring Lashley and Austin Aries, and said he's going to hurt Angle tonight. Solid promo. EY has really embraced his sadistic character to the max.

Rockstar Spud cut a terrific promo backstage about the importance of the X Division Title. Spud put over previous champions like Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries, and said he's going to regain the title.

Taryn Terrell defeated Brooke to retain the Knockouts Championship. After the match, Gail Kim brought out Awesome Kong as they stared down the Dollhouse from the ramp. I have to say, the Dollhouse vignette was very captivating. I love Taryn’s aggression and body language as a heel. Nice to see the crowd get behind Brooke as well. The Knockouts Division suddenly got a whole lot more interesting with Gail and Kong (and maybe Havok) versus the Dollhouse. As good ol' JR would say, business is about to pick up!

Drew Galloway defeated Low Ki with the Future Shock in a Pipe on a Pole match. The BDC and the Rising had another big brawl to end the segment. Solid match. The crowd interaction early on was a nice touch. Both the Warrior's Way and the Future Shock on the chair looked painful. The pipe wasn't even necessary and they could have used a little blood, but whatever. The war continues...

James Storm and Magnus cut a promo regarding Storm's friendship with Mickie James. Pretty cool follow-up from last week. Storm never ceases to amaze on the mic; his promo skills are brilliant. As for the storyline, I think this is a unique twist to the classic "love triangle". This heated dynamic between Storm and Magnus is something to watch.

Eric Young defeated Kurt Angle in a stretcher match after hitting two piledrivers on Angle. Stiff main event. Wow, EY beat the World Champion in convincing fashion. I like that they mentioned Angle's surgically repaired neck for the finish. I guess this is building to the actual title match next week.

Overall, Hardcore Justice was a good show. A few gripes aside, I thought each division and storyline got some good focus tonight as we prepare for the first live IMPACT in months. Al Snow did a fine job on commentary, although he didn't blow me away or anything. Now that Slammiversary has been officially announced, I'm looking forward to the buildup for the PPV.