Friday, May 01, 2015

EC3 Talks His Future, World Title Campaign and More

Ethan Carter III spoke with several media outlets to promote his World Title campaign. Below are the highlights:

The idea for his World Title campaign:
"Despite being undefeated for my entire career, I've yet to receive a title shot. So I've studied the best in pro wrestling, and what is it that they all had in common that got them to the top and kept them on top? It's that they played politics. So, I'm going to bring politics into wrestling, and use politics to get a title shot. I think our audiences are at a point now, and that the business is out there a little bit, that we can creatively explore that and have some fun within the industry and tell a great story."

The penultimate goal for his campaign:
"I feel that the history of TNA has paralleled [that of] the United States of America. When you look at a specific date and time, Slammiversary always comes up as being a big event in TNA history. I kind of parlay that to seeing Slammiversary as our Fourth of July. So seeing our Fourth of July is June 21 live on pay-per-view, I think Slammiversary is a penultimate goal for ‘EC3 for Champion’ to finally have the opportunity."

On reinventing himself in TNA:
"Coming over, there was a lot of the typical internet negativity that I was just a WWE reject. People saying that without knowing one thing about me personally, not knowing what I could do when given a chance. Those detractors are now tweeting nothing but praise for me constantly. I guess it comes with the territory, but I don't think people realize all the underlying things that happen in this industry that put people in the positions that they are put into. I obviously came over and reinvented myself, and given an opportunity, ran with it."

Inspirations for his character:
"Inside the ring, as a child growing up I was always into the antagonists over the protagonists. I was into Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude. They resonated for me. Then you had others with this entertainment value — guys like The Rock or ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Outside the ring I kind of live my life pretty simply. I look at life as WWHD: What Would Jon Hamm Do? Jon Hamm is a guy who puts a nice suit on, slicks his hair back and looks good. I really dove into the character of Don Draper. He is the only guy that makes smoking look cool."

Whether he wants to be the "John Cena" of TNA:
"Would I like to be the franchise of TNA? Absolutely. That’s exactly my goal, and that’s his position in WWE. Would I want to be the next him? Not so much, because I want to make my own identity. But if it results in millions of dollars in t-shirt sales and a 12-year career of beating everybody? You’re damn right I want to be that."

On working with Bram in the future:
"I’ve said that I want to be the guy, I want to be the flag bearer. Give me the ball. That’s the mentality we need more of. I hope that’s the mentality Bram has, because I don’t want anything easy. I want 40 guys that want what I want. I think that’s what makes any company great, competition on top. Bram came in with a similar background, but came in and has made a name for himself. Seeing us tag together was maybe an inclination of what the future holds. Hopefully in a few years we’re on top going nose to nose....throwin’ blows....proving everybody wrong....shoving it up their....uhh....butts."

How to increase brand awareness for Impact Wrestling:
"I think a lot of the talent can find ways to bring the brand out. In time, when I’m not wrestling, pursuing something in other realms of entertainment that gives us mainstream attention. I would never succumb myself to the lowly standards of Robbie E, going on a reality show, because that’s garbage. But I could see myself – maybe if Marvel is going to make another TV show like Daredevil, maybe of Wonder Man, and they need a lead, I don’t think anyone can play that character but me. I mean, if they need me in Avengers 3 and 4 I could do it, we’ll just have to clear it with the offices."

On Billy Corgan joining TNA:
"I haven’t met him yet, but I think any insight that is not from the old mentality of wrestling is going to be great for us as we progress and evolve into the future. All I’ve heard about this guy is that he is creative and this creative genius, whether it’s music or whatever. He brings in a really unique perspective. I'm sure he can and will help us develop characters in a way that's not so straight up black and white, but rather shades of grey. I think Billy can come in and see the entertainment value in someone that can be funny, but also can show an arc of their personal stories of why they use humor, like maybe humor is kind of a crutch because deep down they don't believe in themselves. I’m really looking forward to what ol’ Billy C can bring to the table."

Credits: Channel Guide Magazine | Slam Wrestling | Wrestling Inc | Wrestlezone