Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Angels Love Bad Men

Outside the window, a blood-orange sunset spreads over the Nashville skyline. From a cell phone laying on a nightstand rings the collective music of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, better known as the Highwaymen. On a table at the bottom of the room sits two glasses of red wine, both half full...or is it half empty? I guess it depends on what way you want to look at it, like a lot of things in life. And finally, in a bed, wrapped in sheets of white cotton, Mickie James lies, her hair cascading out across the pillows as she toys with the engagement ring on her finger. She is alone, for now at least, and she is wondering if there is anything worse than when someone you love won't support you?

When she thinks back on her life and her career, the things she has done are quite remarkable. From starting in TNA as part of Raven's flock with some guy named CM Punk, to going to WWE where she collected Women's Championships and Divas Titles whilst having her WrestleMania moment with Trish Stratus (still her favorite match) to going back to TNA and becoming the Knockouts Champion and cementing herself as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Nothing Mickie James has done has been given to her; she worked her butt off and she's proud of all her accomplishments. What she's most proud of, though, is a little boy named Donovan.

In the shower next door, a man, aching from a week of bumps and beatings in the ring, steps under the water and lets it soak him...

Even outside of wrestling, Mickie James has achieved every dream she has ever had. A lot of people scoffed at a wrestler wanting to be a singer but now, with two albums under her Hardcore Country belt, Mickie is having the last laugh. Her music career has allowed her to do and see things that even her wrestling stardom didn't allow. For this, she is grateful but she knows that without somewhere to call home, being on the road with music and wrestling wouldn't be as much fun. For Mickie James, home is exactly the kind of place she always dreamed it would be – a ranch in Virginia where she can spend time with her horses; Rhapsody, Bunny and Casanova. She loves those animals, but not as much as she loves her son.

The man in the shower rubs at his aching muscles and the bump on his head. As he does so, he reflects on his reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion. It was not the reign he'd wanted it to be, but he plans to change that and it starts here...

Donovan Aldis is a beautiful little boy. He looks like both of his parents but it's still too early to tell which one his personality will most closely resemble, and as proud as Mickie James is of her record sales and her championships and her WrestleMania moment, what she's most proud of is being that little boy's Mommy. To anyone who doesn't have children, it's hard to explain just how much better your life becomes once you have kids. A lot of times, you just need to look at a parent's face to know how happy their children make them. Sometimes this happiness is enough to mask anything else that's going on in a person's life.

When the man is done, he steps out from the shower and towels himself off. He may currently be in Nashville but already he's thinking about Impact Wrestling this Friday. He has a lot on his mind lately, not all of it good, but he's determined to make it good. To make things right, to have them go back to how they used to be...

As much as she loves her son and her fiancé, sometimes she still misses the ring. Stepping away from wrestling to start a family was an easy decision to make, but that doesn't mean she doesn't miss it. She's a competitor and always will be. Sometimes the fire in her belly still rages and she thinks about just one more time, raising that Knockouts Championship above her head. She knows that she can do it, she believes in herself. She just wanted someone else to. When she told her fiancé that she had thoughts of getting back in the ring, he tried to talk her out of it – and what he said made sense.

Magnus, coming off a violent feud with Bram, knows all too well the dangers of the business, and for a young boy to have both his parents put themselves in danger seems like a foolish idea. One parent in the ring is plenty, Magnus explained to her. That way, God forbid, if anything should happen to him, well, at least she will be all right. Mickie understands this logic but then thinks, why does she have to step away from her dreams and her career? Sometimes when she's feeling selfish she feels like reminding her fiancé that her career has reached greater heights than his.

Having showered and toweled off, the man in the next room gets dressed. He checks himself in the mirror and for a moment, visualizes what it will be like to be the face of TNA, again. This time will be a little different. This time he has a beautiful woman in his life. Maybe she can accompany him to the ring. How sweet would it be to have her at ringside when he wins the World Title again!

On the cell phone, The Highwaymen have moved on to singing a song called "Angels Love Bad Men" and Mickie James knows that title rings true. From her finger she slips off the ring she has been toying with and sets it next to the cell phone. It's a cell phone with probably a few missed calls on it already. She knows she has decisions to make and soon, but not tonight.

Tonight she just wants to get drunk. Sitting up in bed, she calls out, "I think I need a beer. Do you think you've got room for another one?"

The man who had been showering, now fully dressed, steps out from the bathroom into the room where Mickie James sits. With a smile he replies, "There's always room for one more, Mickie."