Friday, May 08, 2015

5/8 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

May 8, 2015
Orlando, Florida

Eric Young demanded to know who the special referee is for the World Title match tonight. Bully Ray returned to TNA and announced that he is the referee as the crowd chanted “Welcome back.” Eh, I’m sort of indifferent about Bully’s return. While Bully is a good hand for the main event scene, I just hope he goes back to being a badass heel if he’s staying long-term.

Ethan Carter III defeated Mr. Anderson in a Falls Count Anywhere Match after Tyrus hit the Spike on Anderson. Physical match. The finish was pretty anti-climactic but hey, a win's a win. EC3 has now moved up the Top 5 Rankings and is one step closer to fulfilling his destiny to become the new TNA World Champion. #ec3ForChamp

The BDC and The Rising had a promo that turned into another brawl. MVP told a story about Homicide being injured and blamed The Rising for the attack. MVP challenged Drew Galloway to a match before the show went to break. As usual, MVP is a damn good talker. I like the contrast in philosophies between both groups. I sense this will finally come to a head in an elimination match of some sort. By the way, the BDC masks are a cool addition to their entrance.

Drew Galloway defeated MVP with the Future Shock. Eric Young came out after the match and laid out the Rising with a steel chair. Solid match. That was a cool counter from a backslide flip into the Future Shock for the win. I'm glad Josh Mathews mentioned on commentary that Eric Young was previously aligned with the BDC – nice continuity.

James Storm invited Mickie James to the ring and presented her with a custom guitar. Magnus looked pissed off and blasted Storm with the guitar when Storm mentioned his son. Storm smiled at the camera as he was getting up. It's official, Storm is the ultimate master manipulator. It's kind of surreal how easily he can switch from the evil Revolution leader to his old redneck cowboy shtick. Storm ribbing Magnus with the Gladiator helmet was hilarious.

The Dollhouse defeated Gail Kim and Awesome Kong when Taryn pinned Gail with a rollup. Gail and Kong beat up Marti Bell after the match. That was nice of TNA to incorporate Robert Irvine Live into the show; I hope we see this "behind the curtain" stuff again. The match was okay with a logical finish. The Dollhouse are good antagonists to unite the other Knockouts against them.

Matt Hardy talked about Jeff’s broken leg and decided to relinquish the World Tag Team Titles. The Wolves and The Dirty Heels came out and proposed a Best of 5 Series for the vacant titles. OMG, Best of 5 Series for the Tag Team Titles!! Good segment and a brilliant idea to turn a negative into possibly the Greatest Series Ever Wrestled. I'm expecting pure tag team magic between these teams for the next several weeks. Simply awesome.

Angelina Love cut a promo when she was interrupted by a returning Velvet Sky. Velvet beat the crap out of Angelina and choked her as security guards pulled her off. Well, I guess Velvet got her wish after all those tweets to Destination America following the Feast or Fired match. This new punk rock version of Velvet Sky is kind of interesting. Just based on this segment, I'm curious to see how far they can push the violence for this feud. I'm keeping an open mind so far.

Kurt Angle defeated Eric Young with the Ankle Lock to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (Bully Ray was the guest referee). I didn't care for the run-ins from the BDC and the Rising & Melendez, but otherwise it was a nice back-and-forth main event. At least Bully didn't affect the outcome, so that was good. Now I'm hoping they start the build for Angle vs. EC3 at Slammiversary.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight's show. The live atmosphere was a welcome change and gave us a few surprise moments with the returns of Bully Ray and Velvet Sky. I especially loved the setup for the Best of 5 Series, the Storm/Magnus/Mickie promo and the Knockouts handicap match. Should be interesting to see how most of these feuds and storylines progress.