Friday, May 29, 2015

5/29 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

May 29, 2015
Orlando, Florida

The show started with Kurt Angle attacking Eric Young in the parking lot.

Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim in a Six Sides of Steel match to retain the Knockouts Championship. The Dollhouse locked the cage to keep out Awesome Kong and then beat down Gail. Insane match. Gail and Taryn exploded with pure emotion and intensity from the get-go. No doubt Taryn is doing an amazing job as a heel; she's fully committed to playing such a wicked villain and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Mickie James cut a promo addressing the recent issues between James Storm and Magnus. Storm came out and convinced Mickie that he set up some meetings to help her music career. Storm knows how to push the right buttons, so to speak. His friendship with Mickie is so perfectly executed that you know he's up to something but still want to see it anyway. Great performance from Mickie as well. I can't wait to see the eventual clash between Magnus and Storm.

Rockstar Spud defeated Kenny King, Manik, DJ Z, Mandrews, Crazzy Steve, Argos and Tigre Uno in a gauntlet match to win the X-Division Championship. While the action wasn't quite as thrilling as I expected, it was an okay match. I don't agree with swapping the title right before Destination X (again) but good for Spud - he deserves his moment to cash in Option C for a shot at the World Title.

The Wolves defeated the Dirty Heels with the Force of Nature in Match #2 for the vacant Tag Team Championship (Wolves are up 2-0). Wow, what a match! I know this is cliché, but that was tag team wrestling at its finest. The Dirty Heels' reaction post-match tells the whole story: Desperate times call for desperate measures, because the Wolves are one victory away from a clean sweep.

Angelina Love cut a promo addressing Velvet Sky, who was standing in the crowd. Velvet attacked Angelina from behind before security escorted her from the building. Kind of weird that it's been almost a month for an actual follow-up to this angle, but it served its purpose tonight. I liked the way Angelina taunted Velvet while Velvet just stared a hole through her the entire time.

Ethan Carter III defeated Mr. Anderson with the One Percenter. Good match. EC3 mixed his offense here and even kicked out of the Mic Check. Best of all, it was a clean and competitive victory over a credible opponent. EC3 will not be denied. Give the man his World Title shot. #EC3ForChamp

Kurt Angle defeated Eric Young with the Ankle Lock in an I Quit match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Good main event. I liked the way this transitioned into more of a submission bout towards the end. I thought EY had a fantastic run in the main event. Kudos for reinventing himself into a psychotic heel and for being a good rival to Kurt Angle over the past couple of months.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight’s show. We had title matches, storyline progression and a nice balance for each division. The Tag Team and Knockouts matches were the major highlights, in my opinion. Everything else was good to great. Now it's onward to IMPACT on Wednesday nights. See you there!