Friday, May 15, 2015

5/15 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

May 15, 2015
Orlando, Florida

Kurt Angle cut a promo introducing his teammates, Chris Melendez and The Rising, for Hardcore War. Eric Young interrupted and vowed that he’s not going to quit until he’s the World Champion. The BDC attacked the faces from behind, until Lashley returned and speared EY to end the segment. Good setup for the main event that put over both teams and added some drama to Hardcore War. Nice to hear Mike Tenay on commentary as well.

Jade and Marti Bell defeated Brooke and Rebel in a Knockouts tag match when Jade pinned Rebel after a double chokeslam. Well, it seems Billy Corgan is already paying dividends in the music department – I hope we hear more upgrades for other wrestlers. This was a great showcase for the Dollhouse. I'm impressed with the chemistry and teamwork of Jade and Marti, coupled with their new theme and presentation with Taryn as a trio.

EC3 cut a promo complaining that he’s not the #1 contender yet. Mr. Anderson interrupted and challenged Tyrus to a match for the right to face EC3. Anderson repeatedly called Tyrus a bitch, goading him to an impromptu match.

Mr. Anderson defeated Tyrus with the Mic Check to get a future rematch against EC3. Both the promo and match were okay. Everything made sense and did what it needed to do to add some context to the rematch. Maybe this means Tyrus is out of the equation now; EC3 sure as hell doesn't need him anymore, in my opinion.

Magnus called out James Storm for a promo, but Abyss interrupted and got into a brawl with Magnus. They beat each other with weapons, including a grill from BBQ Pit Masters, until Khoya and Manik joined Abyss to lay out Magnus. How about that? A year ago Magnus was saying "I love you" to Abyss, and now he just took the fight to him with no hesitation! This was a decent brawl, nothing more. I like that James Storm is playing mind games with Magnus' family and then sort of using the Revolution to take him out physically.

The Wolves defeated the Dirty Heels when Davey pinned Roode with a sunset flip. Fun start to the series. This was more like a feeling out type of match that featured some good action and a sudden finish. I'm looking forward to seeing both teams crank up the intensity in the coming weeks. By the way, the commentary was really on point here with Mike Tenay’s stats and facts.

Taryn Terrell cut a promo about spending time with Gail Kim’s stepdaughters and then revealed sexy lingerie to seduce Robert Irvine. Gail Kim came out and attacked the Dollhouse to end the segment. Hot mama! I have to say, I’m really digging this sensual, devious side of Taryn. She's even adding her own nuances to her character the way she changes her mood every now and then. While it's still early to tell, so far I'm enjoying the personal aspect of this feud. If this leads to more brutal matches between Gail and Taryn, then I'm all for it.

Robbie E defeated Jessie Godderz in three separate matches with various rollups. Each match lasted less than a minute and Jessie kept demanding a rematch after he lost. Jessie snapped and beat down Robbie with a chair. Wow, this was very reminiscent of Jeff Hardy's quick wins over Jeff Jarrett at Turning Point 2011. I thought this was all right. Robbie finally got some legit victories on his own and Jessie has some fire to match his new mean streak.

Team Young defeated Team Angle in Hardcore War when Eric Young pinned Chris Melendez with the Piledriver. After the match, EY removed Melendez’ prosthetic leg and used it to choke out Angle. Chaotic match. This wasn’t necessarily a "war" but there was a lot of hard-hitting action and cool spots, so it was fun. EY plays such a dastardly villain and may have stirred a little controversy by using the prosthetic leg as a weapon. Good stuff.

Overall, I thought this was another good show. Everything had a purpose tonight and flowed nicely from start to finish. I liked the focus on Hardcore War throughout the night, capped off by a physical main event and a unique ending to close the show. Also, the Tag Title Series is shaping up to be pretty amazing, the Knockouts are heating up and Magnus/Storm continues to be interesting.