Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3rd Pioneer Award Winner Is...

"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels presented with the TNAsylum Pioneer Award, recognizing his contributions to TNA Wrestling.

TNAsylum.com is proud to announce that the third annual Pioneer Award winner will be "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. The Pioneer Award recognizes contributions made by those in the early days of TNA, making the company what it is today. The first two recipients of the award were Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles.

Christopher Daniels is the epitome of what you get when you mix entertainment with athleticism. His abilities to thrill while in the ring are only matched by his traditional mic skills and his ability to tell a story through a promo.

Daniels is both a pioneer in the X Division and Tag Team Division. In the frontier days of TNA, he was part of the Triple X group (along with Low Ki and Elix Skipper). They won the Tag Team Titles on numerous occasions. Daniels would later form successful tag teams with AJ Styles and Kazarian making him arguably one of the best tag team wrestlers in TNA history.

It was through his relationship with AJ Styles that Daniels really made a singles splash, being involved in a legendary feud with the Phenomenal One. It was through numerous matches that Daniels showed that he could succeed solo.

Daniels was also a part of numerous factions during his time in TNA. He was part of Sports Entertainment Extreme, Fortune and EGO (among others). He was also involved in a number of storylines most notably the Claire Lynch story involving AJ Styles and Dixie Carter.

In what would be a true testament to the capabilities of Daniels, the Fallen Angel was involved in arguably two of TNA's greatest matches for the tag team and X Divisions: AMW vs Triple X inside Six Sides of Steel (Turning Point 2004) and the Unbreakable 3-Way (Unbreakable).

As a former multi-time X Division Champion, multi-time Tag Team Champion, World Cup winner and friend of Curry Man, we would like to congratulate and thank Christopher Daniels.

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