Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who can elevate the X Division Title?

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This week Adam is joined by Rich, Ethan, Paul and Chris to talk about the latest news in wrestling. The show then moves on to a quick roundup of last week's TNA action with a particular focus on the the X Division match between Manik and Davey Richards, as well as the debut of the Dollhouse.

The discussion centers around TJ Perkins aka Manik and more importantly the elevation of the X Division Championship belt. Is Manik good enough to make the title relevant again and does he need to lose the mask to do it – and that’s the question of the week!

We also look at the heel turn of Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell – even the usual naysayers agreed it was done very well.

Our final part of the show features a discussion on the use of celebrities in wrestling after the announcement of Billy Corgan joining TNA. Is this a publicity stunt or is he actually a good signing? Has there ever been a good celebrity cross over? Does anyone rate David Arquette's WCW run or is Adam out there on his own (again)? Let us know!

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