Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon
April 24, 2015

This week's episode was a "Night of Knockouts." Much like many of the other themed shows, there was also additional content along with the themed stuff on the show. The Knockouts Division took up a large portion of the show but not the entire show. While some may criticize the fact that TNA didn't give the KO Division the whole show, I don't know if they could with the roster they had. With that said, I think the amount of time they gave the division was sufficient.

-Things kicked off with another Kurt Angle/Eric Young promo. It looked like Angle had pulled EY from the darkness and that we would get the old EY in the championship match tonight. Austin Aries came out and announced he was using his Feast or Fired briefcase during the show, which meant Eric Young would have to wait. Clearly, this would piss off Eric Young as he would constantly be overlooked. All of Kurt's work in getting to EY was done away with since EY received this injustice. 

-The first match was a 4-Way Contender's Match with Gail Kim, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Brooke. It had its share of quality action and was a solid delivery. Brooke ended up getting the win on Madison Rayne to be next in line for a Knockouts Title shot. 

I was listening to Josh Mathews during this match to see if he would do as well as last week. While he missed identifying some of the moves, he continued to do well. At this point, I like him going solo as it doesn't detract from the product. He will probably need someone else for the upcoming live shows though.

-Mica vs Kenny King was an okay match. I like the contrast between the BDC (red/black) and The Rising (yellow/black). Its like gang warfare or something we got from the nWo. Mica (or Micah) was okay here. I like him using the Big Ending as a finisher. TNA was able to cover up a botched spot with a bit of editing. Its an advantage of having the shows taped in advance.

Next week, we will be getting the highly anticipated Drew Galloway vs Low Ki Match. I have been waiting for this match since Drew came to TNA a few months ago. Next week will be Hardcore Justice and will see most of the matches be under some stipulation. With Extreme Rules coming up, the timing is ironic.

I know we got Hardcore Justice for One Night Only but realistically, the ONO shows don't mean anything. TNA doesn't care about them, make them important or make them consequential. The only thing that matters to the current product is Friday Night IMPACT and the two Live PPVs.

-The Dollhouse debut was interesting. Jade and Marti Bell felt like they were trying to play two crazy characters. While Eric Young and Bram do so naturally, I didn't feel the same about Marti and Jade. With that said, I did enjoy the segment. The Dollhouse is like a darker version of the Beautiful People. The visual of the Dollhouse shoving the jawbreaker in the mouth of Christy Hemme was interesting. I am interested to see where this act goes.

-Mickie James' announcement was well-done. Her and Magnus played up the announcement with Mickie showing some tears. When James Storm came out, it was dropped on its head. Storm has been switching between a hero and a villain for weeks now and in this segment, he was in hero mode. It reminded me why he should currently be one of the three main people TNA should be getting around. He has all of the goods to succeed.

He talked Mickie into doing it "one more time." I am figuring he meant one more match but who knows. I'm hoping Mickie returns as a full-time member of the roster after this because it would be a big injustice to see her career end this early.

Storm seems to be manipulating Mickie to cause a rift between her and Magnus. I keep looking back at the backstage segment between Storm and Bram and am thinking it has some sort of role in this whole thing. It seems to be doing the trick since Magnus ordered some cameramen to follow Mickie and see what's up. 

-Davey Richards picked up another win against Manik in his conquest for the X Division Title. The match was a fun battle. Manik is very under-appreciated. After the match, the Revolution came down and assaulted Davey until the Hardys came out and fended them off. My guess is that Storm ordered the attack because Davey warned Magnus to watch out for Storm.

-I enjoyed the EC3 speech. The presidential stuff is topical with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton all recently announcing their runs for President. I like TNA tying the political stuff into wrestling with EC3 running for champion. The graphics of unemployment lowering among other stuff were pretty funny. EC3's "Frank Underwood" knock was a nice reference that I caught.

Mr. Anderson should be a good short-term roadblock for EC3 in the next coming months. While his jokes are pretty lame, he is a solid hand that can go with EC3 on the mic. They could get a few good matches out of these two.

-I loved the ending to the Knockouts Championship Match. Something was up when Taryn Terrell announced that this match was No DQ (the power of a champion). The actual match was nothing special until Jade and Marti Bell came out. All of a sudden, they were working with Taryn to throw Kong through a table. This is the weakest Awesome Kong has ever looked in TNA (that I recall).

The transformation of Taryn was awesome. Its a scientific fact that girls are more appealing when they are bad asses. Taryn's promo, shoving the jawbreaker in Kong's mouth followed by her pose with Marti and Jade were excellent. I would have actually preferred that this match end the show.

-The EY attack on Austin Aries makes sense because EY is a lunatic and Aries is another roadblock for his title match. He hit Aries with two Piledrivers (one on the floor and one on the steel steps). Aries was stretchered out after the show. Whenever something like this happens, it concerns me that we won't see Aries back since a new contract for him hasn't been announced. With that said, EY has a brutal streak as he as also taken out Lashley. 

My guess is that EY and Kurt will get their championship match within the next couple of weeks, perhaps at the Live show on May 8th.