Saturday, April 18, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon
April 17, 2015

The theme for this week's show was "Tag Team Gold" and featured a series of tag team matches to crown new tag team champions. There would be four traditional tag team matches with the winners of those matches advancing to an Ultimate X Match. The winner of that match would walk out of IMPACT with the gold.

-The Hardys kicked things off with a win over Khoya and James Storm. This was a solid tag team match. I really enjoyed the finishing sequence of Twist of Fates followed by a James Storm misfire that cost his team the match. Of course, he would blame Khoya. I'm hoping that this Revolution faction progresses in some way within the next few weeks.

-Next up was an in-ring promo between Kurt Angle and Eric Young. Basically Kurt wants to see the real Eric Young as his opponent for a World Title Match next week. He doesn't like this crazy side of Eric. This would play out later in the show. These in-ring promos have quickly turned into the low points of these shows. Usually they slow the pace of the show down. Not a huge fan of how they are handled even if they have been done well for the past few weeks.

-The Beat Down Clan defeated Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud to advance. I liked Ki and King bullying Spud until Mr. Anderson showed up. That's usually how bullies behave. They pick on people smaller than them but back down when someone bigger shows up. Anderson was entertaining in this match, throwing Spud to his side and then tagging him in. It was through devious actions that BDC ended up winning as the referee was distracted.

-I really enjoyed the Bram and EC3 tag team. Their backstage segment of Bram talking about hurting people while EC3 acted all cool was great. Both will be stars for TNA for the next few years. Their match with Jay Rios and Tigre Uno was solid. I miss Tigre and feel he should be seen more often. He has a great look. Jay Rios on the other hand, looked bush-league. Didn't see much in him tonight.

-Next week will be "TKO: A Night of Knockouts" focused on the Knockouts Division. The majority of the Knockouts had something to say with Angelina being aggressive, Madison being arrogant, Gail standing up for the fans and Brooke being energetically annoying. Taryn was a lot more intense in her delivery. She came off as a villain here for some reason.

I like the idea of the themed show next week. We will get a 4-Way Contenders Match, Awesome Kong vs Taryn for the KO Title and a Mickie James announcement. I like the idea of the Knockouts getting a good portion of the time. It feels like tonight's show where the tag teams took the spotlight. In July, it will probably be the X Division taking center stage with Destination X.

-I am very happy to see the Dirty Heels together again. They came off as a very experienced team, playing Jessie and Robbie against each other. Their victory was never in doubt. The Bromans had issues all throughout their match which resulted in a scuffle afterwards. My guess is that the team is done. If it were up to me, Robbie E would get a change of character/attitude and go solo while Jessie and DJ Z can continue to team up. They were good in Ultimate X a few weeks ago.

-Homicide was really well-featured during the show coming off as a dangerous person. While the order to have him go after Kurt Angle came out of nowhere, I like him tangling with a World Champion. It was pretty much a way to get the Rising on the show while also furthering the stuff with Eric Young. Speaking of EY, nobody is buying him going good. He is great as a lunatic and it is too early for him to turn.

-Josh Mathews deserves a lot of credit for how well he did on commentary during the show. He was knowledgeable and energetic for the full two hours. Not once was I distracted by the announcing. The commentary was better with Josh Mathews riding solo than with Taz joining him.

I don't know the specific reason for Taz's departure from TNA but I can't say I care. I remember a few years ago, Todd Keneley was getting his tryout with TNA and worked hard. He went to wrestler's a researched the names of their signature moves. Taz made fun of Keneley for this. Taz would mock Keneley on commentary and when Keneley responded, Taz would get pissed. He comes off as very unlikable.

As for what the future hold, TNA has a few options. They could go back to Mike Tenay, to Jeremy Borash, to Al Snow (as rumors suggested) or a number of other alternatives. Until they decide, Josh Mathews going alone will work. While I did miss the off-topic banter, it was too much. Mathews was strictly focused on the product.

-The Ultimate X Match was excellent with all four teams being spotlighted. While many dislike the use of Ladders in the match, it doesn't bother me. Its just an alternate way to win the thing. They still have to go under the ring, pull a Ladder out and set it up. While that is happening, a wrestler is busy climbing the cables and grabbing the championship.

Congratulations to the Hardys for finally winning the TNA Tag Team Titles. They are an excellent team and this is just the latest in their achievements.

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