Saturday, April 11, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

April 10, 2015
Orlando, Florida

-After the controversial finish to last week's World Title Match, Kurt Angle and Lashley went face to face. In all honestly, that was a horrible call. Not only were Lashley's shoulders up but the referee wasn't even looking. It appeared that we were going to get a rematch between the two tonight but Eric Young interrupted. I like how they continue to incorporate the IMPACT Top 5 system in their shows. Its unique and should be a recurring thing.

While EY got lost during the promo, he does well with his new character. While I don't need to see him as World Champion, his character could be a good villain for the champion in the upcoming months.

-Kong vs Gail was a solid match. Kong is a bit slower than her original run in 2007-2010 but she still holds up. I would have liked to see Taryn Terrell's reaction. It would seem that she would be pushing for Gail Kim to win since she knows she could beat her. Gail was the last obstacle to Kong. Now Kong is coming for Taryn.

-James Storm is all over the show recently. Not only does he have his Revolution stuff but now he is involved with Mickie James' character. Judging by the backstage segment with Bram in recent weeks, I am guessing James Storm is manipulating Mickie to get back at Magnus. I am hoping that creative has that much depth to this angle. Manik's involvement in this segment was kinda funny.

One thing is for certain, Mickie needs to get back in the Knockouts Division. There are a few interesting matches that she could bring the division. We could get that Mickie James vs Taryn Terrell match we wanted to see as well as Mickie vs Awesome Kong.

The 3-Way stuff with the Revolution is okay. I liked Storm's symbolism with throwing the stick and letting all three fight over it. Right now, Abyss is a stale character and Khoya is completely green. Manik has the personality to stand out on his own. His armbar escape from the chokeslam was an awesome move. I also liked Khoya Sky High Powerbomb. He will be partnering with James Storm next week. For some reason, TNA is really getting behind Khoya. 

BTW, it appears that Sanada may be done with TNA after this week. I know his contract was ending this Summer. Its disappointing since TNA wasn't really doing anything with him since BFG in October.

-We got more standard #StandUp stuff from Drew Galloway, who is really good on the mic. He introduced his new colleagues. Micah (spelled many different ways) wasn't impressive on the mic. He may be better as a soft-spoken character. He has good lineage with his dad being Haku though.

Eli Drake has the promo skills though. Judging by that ability and his skills, he has a STRONG future in wrestling. He is like EC3 in that he could be the guy to carry the company a few years from now. He seems like someone who would be better as a villain though. I am still pissed that TNA passed up on his tag team partner Brian Cage because he also would have been a nice addition to TNA.

I like the BDC flags. It brings a cool Japanese vibe. The yellow and black is a nice contrast to the BDC's red and black.

The Rising vs BDC six man was solid for what we got. I marked when we momentarily got Low Ki and Drew Galloway. These two need to settle thing in singles action. Micah was strong while in there. That pop-up Samoan Drop was sweet. Eli Drake's Shoulder Throw move would be a sweet finisher. He should keep it.

The match ended with Homicide coming out as a new member of the BDC and laying out the Rising. Homicide made sense for the group and fits in nicely. Now, the Rising has to find a new member of their group. My vote is for Crimson.

-Davey Richards had a solid little match with DJ Z. I am happy Richards is doing something while Eddie is inactive. Setting his sights on the X Division Title is a logical choice. The X Division has been on the backburner in recent months but I am hoping this kickstarts a refocus on it. Loving the name of Davey's new finisher, the "Creeping Death" roundhouse kick.

-Liked the Dollhouse vignette. Marti Bell and Jade should be good additions to the Knockouts Division. The vignette was well-produced and professional. What is an ironic twist is that Awesome Kong (then known as Kharma) has WWE vignettes where she ripped the heads off of Barbie dolls. She may get her opportunity in TNA.

-The stuff setting up Tag Team Gold next week was good. James Storm and Khoya were the first official team. The Hardys also made sense since they are probably the most high-profile active tag team in TNA. EC3's choice of Bram shocked me since I thought he would pick Tyrus. That looks like a fun up-and-coming tag team though. Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud is an okay pick. I also love the reunion of the Dirty Heels. It will be four qualifying matches involving 8 teams (these five and three more) with the winners advancing to Ultimate X. Its a nice thread for next week's show.

-The 3-Way Main Event was strong wrestling. I liked how TNA protected Lashley by having him get out of both the Ankle Lock and Figure Four. The finish also made sense. Is that the first time Kurt Angle has actually hit the Moonsault for a win? 

Eric Young's attack on Lashley clears the way for a World Title shot. It also sets up a Lashley vs EY program when Lashley returns. It will put the Angle vs Lashley program on hold for the time being. It could be a good feud down the line.

Final Thoughts: A lot of talking points coming out of this show. I like how the product is progressing. We are getting some nice character development and some strong wrestling. Very well-done show!