Sunday, April 05, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon 
Bell to Bell
April 3, 2015

-Last week, I praised the idea of TV specials which felt like mini-PPVs. Bell to Bell seemed to be treated as such. From what I gather, we will be getting a Knockout themed one in a month or so called "TKO" (also the name of FK9's TNAsylum series from a few years ago). I like having themed shows as it breaks up the monotony of IMPACT. Raw and Smackdown have PPVs where they can reset storylines. 

Immediately, this show had a slightly different feel as the match graphics were cartoon illustrations for the wrestlers. While I am not interested by Samuel Shaw as a wrestler, his work on these graphics were awesome. Should TNA do a Bell to Bell special in the future, I would like to see these animations used again.

-Eric Young started the special off with a promo on Bobby Roode. He had really done well with his crazy character. I am enjoying it much more than his World Elite villain run. I can believe he has a few screws loose. On top of that, his look is unique. I love Bobby Roode but most of his promos are generic. He loves wrestling, he will kick someone's ass followed by cursing. I wish he had a bit more edge to him.

The actual Submission Match was enjoyable. They took it around ringside and had a lot of give and take. In the end, EY tapped to a Crossface. Unfortunately, the referee was knocked out and missed the submission. Seconds later, EY submitted Roode with the Figure Four. While this was promoted as the finale between these two, the cage match and Last Man Standing Match were more brutal and felt more like closure than this did.

-The Wolves came out and relinquished the World Tag Team Titles. This was two promos in one with Eddie Edwards delivering the "I lost my smile" promo filled with disappointment while Davey Richards delivered the fiery promo about them coming back and hunting down the new champions. Both were well done. I like the bond between the two that prevented Davey from finding a temporary partner. I am hoping that Davey gets a nice little singles run before Edwards comes back instead of just doing nothing for months.

-The Knockouts Match was good. Angelina Love had a bit more fire to her this week. Her comments about not being limited were a nice jab at Velvet Sky. The two had some nice chemistry in the ring. This match didn't feel like it belonged on this show but it didn't bother me.

-The Ghost Asylum segment with the Revolution was campy. You know what would be funny? Have the Ghost Asylum guys go to the Hardy farm in North Carolina hunting for ghosts. Instead of ghosts, they end up finding Willow. That would be a good comedy segment.

-The Falls Count Anywhere Match was solid. I am enjoying the Bram vs Magnus feud. There were a few weapons involved which shook this thing up. Magnus needs to drop his Spineshanker move in favor of the Powerbomb. Magnus does a good powerbomb that looks more impactful than his current finisher. This feud could have gotten a few more matches but it looks like they are changing directions.

Bram went after Mickie James during the match (why doesn't she stay backstage?) which led to James Storm uncharacteristically coming to her rescue. This moves things forward. People will be questioning Storm since he is currently a villain. Whether they go with Storm and Bram or Storm and Magnus, I look forward to seeing what they do. They teased a Storm/Bram alliance so I wonder if this stuff with Bram isn't over. By the way, I am hoping Mickie James eventually returns to the Knockouts Division since that would be a worthy payoff to this whole things.

-The Lashley vs Angle match was strong. Most of Kurt's matches are formulaic but strong. This followed the same pattern. There was good action between the champion and challenger. TNA left this thing open for a trilogy with the finish. The referee was horribly out of place. He should be fined for doing such a poor job.

Final Thoughts: A strong mini-PPV. All three matches delivered as they should. With that said, from a personal standpoint, I like seeing more character/narrative-driven shows than what we have gotten recently. The past few shows have been very wrestling heavy. I could see how certain fans are turned off by these recent shows.