Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Pope: "I'm Not Done by a Long Shot"

Our friends at The Rack recently interviewed "The Pope" Elijah Burke (formerly D'Angelo Dinero). Elijah discussed many topics, from his acting projects to his charity work to his wrestling career.

When asked if he would return to WWE or TNA, Elijah responded, "Absolutely. A lot of people ask me that all the time and at this point, I feel like (Hulk) Hogan. Never say never, brother. I’m still in my prime, if you will, and I’m ready. It’s all about opportunity presenting itself. I’ve had some contact made with Triple H and had some words given to and from Triple H as far as returning to WWE and right now it’s about, I assume, timing. So, yes, definitely I want to go back home, home being where I started and I would love to finish up my career there. I’m not done by a long shot.

"For the record, even though I have that sour taste in my mouth as far as the movie goes when I was with TNA (Django Unchained), I had a blast, an absolute blast. Everybody said it at the time as far as putting over TNA and the atmosphere, how great it is; people are always going to say the right thing when they’re under contract, you know? As soon as they leave, they bash the poor people or they talk about the company in so many unflattering ways, but I can truly say I had a blast.

"Yeah, there were bad times as far as un-organization and who is in charge this week and whatever some of the other people have said, but when it came to the locker room atmosphere and the family atmosphere of TNA, it was great. It was really great, be respectful, don’t have anybody walking on eggshells. It was an absolute pleasure. But that year, after a lot of the ups and downs, and the stop-and-goes, my contract came up and I was gracious and I thanked Miss Dixie Carter and that was it.

"We’ve heard over and over about the youth movement and all these younger, athletic daredevils that they’re bringing up now. I think it’s good. I just found out that Taz left TNA for whatever reason, and I wasn't even aware of that until I got the text. I wouldn’t mind doing commentary. Obviously my heart is in the ring, but any way that I can contribute I would love to. So don’t count me out. Don’t think that I’m done, because God knows, I'm not done by a long shot."

You can follow Elijah on Twitter (@DaBlackPope) or visit his website ( for the latest on him and projects including his Love-Alive Charity and their efforts. You can help Elijah and the cast of "Wounded" fund their project at

Listen to the full 30 minute interview at this link.