Friday, April 10, 2015

The Carters vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

This episode of Versus is a different approach to the series. While normal episodes of this series talk about a dream match, this episode doesn't focus on that. Instead, this focuses on a series of confrontations.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are WWE's Authority. It is usually segments with them that dictate the direction of the show. While their in-ring participation is limited, they are all over the show.

Some critics would say that Triple H married into power while Stephanie was born into it. Casting aside all of the hard work both have done throughout the years, it is a criticism that keeps coming up. Very few understand the truth...except for one.

That man is EC3, born Ethan Carter III. He is the nephew of TNA President, Dixie Carter. EC3 was born into privilege as his family has always had money since he was a child. He was afforded the best of everything: toys, extra-curricular activities, training and more.

In this WWE vs TNA series, imagine a scenario with Stephanie McMahon out in the ring running her mouth like usual. All of a sudden, "Trouble, Trouble, Trouble" hits and EC3 heads to the ring. We get a verbal interaction between the two where both passively aggressively insult the other. EC3 praises his Aunt D, calling her the most powerful woman in the business. Stephanie responds with a backhanded comment about how EC3 never made it in NXT.

Things get a little heated between the two when Triple H makes his way to the ring leading to EC3 in retreat. Triple H goads EC3 into a match pitting he and Stephanie against EC3 and his Aunt Dixie Carter. Without thinking, EC3 accepts.

The segments between Dixie and EC3 would be hilarious with Dixie being pissed at EC3 for getting her into this situation. We could even get a training segment between the two where Dixie shows that she is definitely not cut out for this.

Now, I wouldn't actually have Dixie in this match as she isn't a trained wrestler. The actual match would involve Triple H vs EC3 as they are the superstars. Tyrus would be ringside for Ethan while Steph would be ringside for Triple H. I would use a variety of smoke and mirrors and possibly an unclean finish one way or another.

What do you think? Is this a scenario that could interest you?