Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Robbie E Talks The BroMans, Future Goals and More

This week on the v2 wrestling podcast, Adam Davey is joined by TNA star Robbie E. The full audio is available at this link. Below are some highlights:

On the atmosphere backstage in TNA:
"It’s the same, we’re just on a different TV network. Same crew, same show. The roster is better than ever and things are looking up. The great thing about TNA is that we’re always getting better and better. We never take steps back, bro. We take steps forward, we take risks, we’re back in the six sided ring, and we’re always giving you something different that stands out. Speaking for myself, I’m at an all-time high in my career. I love where I’m at and I love where TNA is at."

On his change to a more serious character:
"Yeah, I think after losing to a girl, it made me rethink some things. I think being a former X Division Champion, former Television Champion and 2-time Tag Team Champion, it’s time to get that World Title and be added to the short list of people that have been Grand Slam Champion and showcase that there is more to Robbie E than just, you know, comedy and funny stuff. I can do it all. The thing is, I’m capable and super talented in the ring and I think people forget that."

On his experience on "The Amazing Race":
"To go on that show and make it all the way to the finals is an accomplishment in itself, and I’m proud to say that I did it all by myself. The only bad thing about the show was having Brooke as my partner. Clearly everyone knows we were an item, but we’re not anymore. She can’t stand me and I can’t stand her, so looking back my memories aren’t great because I had to deal with her nonstop throughout the whole Amazing Race. I enjoy branching out and there will be a time I will branch out some more, but right now I’m focused on bigger and better things for myself in TNA."

Are there any new talents he wants to see in TNA:
"No, because they would just try to take my spot and I probably wouldn’t trust them. I’m not into new guys, I’m not into scouting talent. I’m into holding onto my spot and making my career last as long as it can. I’m not worried about anyone else coming into this company."

On his tag team with Jessie Godderz:
"Right now the BroMans are kind of at a standstill. We’re trying to figure some things out – do we want to stay as a team or do we want to go singles? We had a great run together and I think it could go longer, so we’re in the midst right now of figuring things out for ourselves. We are the only team ever to have two reality stars; he was on Big Brother and I was on The Amazing Race. We’re the only reality-star tag team in professional wrestling history and we’re the only team ever to have their own DJ, so we have a lot of firsts and we have accomplished a lot. We’re figuring out where we want to go from here."

On his goal to win the TNA World Title:
"That is my next big goal. I have to prove myself and earn it and I think I can do that. I think I can hang with guys like Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries if given the opportunity. Time will tell. We’ll see what 2015 holds for me and what kind of opportunities I get, but when I get an opportunity I’m not going to waste it."

On his role in "I'm With Spud Wednesday":
"Listen, any exposure is good exposure. Any TV time or anything is good, so even though I’m on there and doing some stuff with Spud and trying to get a million dollars from him for signing me to his stupid little wrestling promotion, it’s gotten to the point now where he’s taking me to wrestler’s court which will be airing on the Impact YouTube channel. The show itself is getting a lot of hits and it’s super entertaining, so it’s fun to be a part of. When you have Robbie E and Spud, you don’t have to think. The camera just goes on and magic happens."

On his cloest friends on the TNA roster:
"Jessie and (DJ) Z, and then guys like Bram. EC3, we have a podcast together called the RobbieEC3 Experience which you can download on iTunes and Me and him have kind of a love/hate relationship; we’re best friends but we hate each other. I would say that’s about it."