Saturday, April 25, 2015

Meet The Dollhouse

The word impact is described as having a strong effect on someone or something. And for over a decade, making an impact has become a way of life for the athletes of IMPACT Wrestling. In this TNAsylum exclusive series, we'll take a look at some of the most impactful moments from TNA's past and present product, all in an attempt to preview what has yet to come.

INSTANT IMPACT returns to TNAsylum after a month-long hiatus to take an in-depth look at the debut of The Dollhouse, and their unexpected alliance that has been forged with the Knockouts Champion, Taryn Terrell.

For two weeks, a vignette aired hyping the debut of a pairing of two new Knockouts—Jade and Marti Bell, collectively known as The Dollhouse.

The Dollhouse's vignette was so bizarre, so creepy that it's somewhat inexplicable without watching it for yourself.

This past week's IMPACT was billed to be a Night of Knockouts. A night in which not only would the Dollhouse make their debut in IMPACT Wrestling, but there would also be a fatal four-way number one contender's match for the Knockouts Championship, along with the champion Taryn Terrell defending the aforementioned title against Awesome Kong.

As unsettling as the vignette for The Dollhouse might have been, their actual debut managed to top it. The music was the same, as the combo held hands and pranced down to the ring. Lesbian innuendos galore, these two were happy-go-lucky, until well... they weren't.

First, Jade and Marti Bell were unhappy with Christy Hemme's ring introduction, forcing her to announce them as The Dollhouse.

Next, Marti Bell attacked referee Brian Stiffler when he ejected her from ringside following her interference, then attacked Jade's opponent—Laura Dennis—causing a disqualification. A match filled with high-pitched screeching and squealing from both Jade and Marti came to an end as Christy Hemme announced the decision.

Jade and Marti, again unhappy, confronted Hemme once more over her announcement, this time attacking her and sending her into the steel ring steps. And afterwards, they'd stick the jawbreaker that they both licked throughout the match into Hemme's mouth.

As interesting as The Dollhouse's first night in IMPACT Wrestling had been, this Dollhouse production was just beginning.

After months of buildup and anticipation, it was time for Taryn Terrell to defend her Knockouts Championship against Awesome Kong. But first came an unusual suggestion from Taryn Terrell: she wanted to make this match, a no disqualification match.

Referee Earl Hebner shrugged off the new stipulation, with Awesome Kong seemingly caring less as well. Kong, being as confident in her abilities as she is, figured she'd become champion regardless.

Taryn started out with an attempted flurry of offense that predictably failed against the most dominant Knockout in TNA history. Kong let Taryn Terrell's momentum carry her to the outside, and then followed the champion in pursuit. Taryn once again tried to knock the behemoth off her feet, but again failed, collapsing to the floor instead.

Kong took advantage by swinging Terrell around, with her final destination being into the steel barricade. And after eating a pair of kendo stick shots, the champion seemed in grave danger as Kong readied for a powerbomb on the steel steps, but Taryn fought out and stomped Kong's head onto the steel instead. Kong managed to quickly recover and knocked Terrell over onto the ring apron. Taryn rolled back on the inside of the ring and Kong wasn't far behind.

The champion clutched her shoulder before rolling out of the way of a running splash from the challenger. Gaining steam, Taryn weakened Kong with a series of forearms and kicks, leading to a crossbody off the top into an unsuccessful cover. A dropkick to the back assured Taryn some time to go to the outside. The Orlando, Florida crowd chanted "We want tables," and Taryn obliged.

Taryn rammed a kendo stick across the throat of Kong, then set up the table. By this point, The Dollhouse had made their way down to ringside and watched on. The unfazed Terrell attempted the Taryn Cutter through the table, but to no avail as Kong blocked it.

Terrell quickly ran back into the grasp of Awesome Kong, who smashed her head off the table. She then placed Taryn on the table and prepared to splash her through it off the second rope, when the Dollhouse got involved.

They nailed Kong with kendo sticks from both sides, then assisted Taryn with a powerbomb on Kong through the table. Taryn seductively crawled onto Kong for the cover and, ultimately, the victory.

Taryn's demeanor had drastically changed in an instant. From a passionate fighting champion who wanted to carve out a legacy in the wrestling business, to a seductive sleazeball willing to stoop to any low to keep the Knockouts Championship around her waist.

Taryn called for a microphone: "Everyone thought I couldn't do it, everyone thought I couldn't beat Kong. Well, I want to put everyone on notice: you're not going to beat me, and if you mess with me, you mess with my friends. And we don't play very nice."

Marti Bell handed Taryn a jawbreaker—reminiscent of the one stuffed into Christy Hemme's mouth earlier in the show—and watched on as Taryn did the exact same thing to the unconscious Kong.

"This is our house—The Dollhouse," Taryn said suggestively, as Jade and Marti mouthed it along with her. The two danced around Taryn as she posed with her championship, before they exited the ring holding hands.

On March 1st, in a previous edition of INSTANT IMPACT, I claimed Taryn's self-proclaimed "dream come true" Knockouts Championship reign was very well about to become a nightmare after Kong had set her sights on the blonde bombshell. But little did we know, Taryn wasn't the one whom it had become a nightmare for.


For the past 184 days, Taryn Terrell seemed like the ideal underdog, fighting champion. She'd been doubted, she'd been scoffed at for thinking that she—who had entered TNA perceived as a model, a diva who couldn't hang in the Knockouts division—could become the cream of the crop. Yet, she did.

She was hellbent to prove that she wasn't a fluke, that she was for real. She was hellbent to prove that she could defeat Awesome Kong, and on Friday night, we saw the result of what had become her obsession.

Taryn Terrell seemed like the ideal underdog, fighting champion until the instant she turned heel and suddenly seemed much more natural and intriguing as a character. Now, this is her house—The Dollhouse.