Friday, April 03, 2015

Magnus: The Future of TNA Resides in UK Expansion

Magnus did an interview with Wrestlezone regarding a number of topics, including TNA's expansion in the UK. Below are some noteworthy excerpts:

“TNA’s international business has always been strong, and continues to get stronger,” Magnus said with great confidence. “We may have taken a step back, or a sideways step domestically, but our international business is stronger than ever. We’re signing deals left and right, and getting in more televisions in more homes, which is only good. The US market is very saturated. Sometimes the best thing to do is just give it a rest. WWE did that in the mid-90’s. Their market was competitive, and they were a bit stale. So they went and mined Europe, and in a lot of ways it was the best thing that happened to them.”

In fact, the subject of Impact Wrestling migrating to the UK on a more permanent basis has been a topic of great debate in the online wrestling world recently. “To me the audience is a key part of a television show. When you see a crowd going ballistic, you feel like you’re watching a quality product, regardless of if what you’re watching in the ring is good or not. You could be watching a five-star classic, but if the audience is so-so it’s not going to resonate.”

Magnus is definitely in favor of more Impact being taped overseas. “From the long-term perspective, instead of doing three big arena shows that we record for TV and get six episodes out of, I would love to go and do a dozen or so medium-sized venues that will fill with super enthusiastic, red hot crowds that react exactly the way you want them to to everything. And get three months of TV in the can. I would love to try that. We’re in a stage now where we’ve tried a lot of things, so we may as well.”

The Brit also noted that he is a fervent “student of the game,” hinting at a possible backstage career when he stops wrestling. He is constantly thinking about wrestling from more than just the in-ring perspective.

“I sat down and had lunch with our UK promoter the last time we were over there … It’s all about coming up with a solution and a situation that benefits all parties, rather than just what’s the best thing for our TV show. There’s also the rest of the world too. We get some really hot crowds in other parts of the world that might be a good option for us.”

If the future of TNA really does rest in the European market, who are the next notable names the promotion needs to get on-board with? He responded with two names — Marty Scurll and Rampage Brown, both former competitors on the TNA British Boot Camp series.

“Marty Scurll has a ton of upside as far as a television character is concerned. He really knows how to be an all-around entertainer and is very versatile. I liken him to Robbie E, who is portrayed as a comedic character, but is very under-appreciated. He can really do anything and make it work, and Marty is very similar to that. He can work with anyone and make it entertaining.”

“Rampage Brown is super legit. Very believable, very rugged style. That’s something I like to watch as a fan.”