Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How should TNA handle the announce team?

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This week Adam is joined by Rich, Ethan and Paul to talk about the latest news in wrestling. The show moves on to a roundup of last week's TNA action with a focus on the tag team championship. Were TNA right to put the belts on the Hardys or, as one of our podcast team suggests, was it a step backwards to have WWE stalwarts the Hardys and Angle as the two main champs on the show?

We also take a look at the Bromans split and whether they can ever achieve anything on a solo basis. Do you agree with Adam that Jessie Godderz could be a main event babyface? We finally have a discussion about Josh Mathews solo commentary and ask our question of the week – what should TNA do going forward? Solo commentary, Al Snow, Mike Tenay, Jeremy Borash or someone else?

Our final part of the show features a return of an old favourite where Room 619 returns. For new listeners, Room 619 is the v2 take on Room 101 where things in wrestling can be banished from existence. The panel nominates their suggestions and it's up to you the audience to vote one in. The four suggestions are:

Dave Meltzer
Vince McMahon
Jerry "The King" Lawler
The WWE employee who comes up with wrestler names

Listen to the show to find out why these nominations have been made!

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