Friday, April 03, 2015

4/3 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

April 3, 2015
Orlando, Florida

Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode with the figure four in a submission match. EY tapped out to the Crossface at one point, but the referee was knocked down when it happened. Good match; they worked the classic methodical style with EY attacking Roode's injured knee. I also liked the promo to set up the stipulation. It looks like TNA has big plans for EY as a top heel moving forward.

The Wolves came out and forfeited the Tag Team Titles due to Eddie Edwards’ injury. I have to admit, The Wolves cut a hell of a promo here. Eddie sold the untimely circumstance of his injury and then Davey used it to fire themselves up for the future. As for the Tag Titles, it opens the field for TNA to either create or sign some new tag teams in the Wolves' absence.

Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love with the Eat Defeat. Hard-hitting match; one of Angelina's best performances in a while. I liked that they somewhat rebooted Angelina's character before the match – she's been missing that fire since the whole Beautiful Bros thing for months. And Gail is still awesome, as always. Good call to mix things up from the usual Taryn/Kong stuff every week.

There was a segment in the woods with the Revolution and the guys from Ghost Asylum. They went into Storm's barn to investigate a mystery as Josh Mathews hyped all new episodes of Ghost Asylum this Sunday on Destination America. I’ve never watched Ghost Asylum, but this was a pretty decent crossover for what it was.

Magnus defeated Bram in a falls count anywhere match. Damn, Magnus pounded the hell out of Bram with two Powerbombs and the Spineshaker for the win. I enjoyed the physicality from both guys, and the fact that they slugged it out without too many weapons or shenanigans in the mix. Storm saving Mickie out of harm's way is such an odd situation, although I like the prospect of Storm and Magnus involved in a program together.

Kurt Angle defeated Lashley with a rollup to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. There was a little controversy after the match as the replays showed that Lashley's shoulder was up when the referee counted the pin. Fantastic main event. Both guys tore it up in another physical match that was just as thrilling as their first encounter. The finish was okay to protect Lashley.

Overall, another great show. The Bell to Bell concept was structured well to keep things simple and entertaining throughout the night. Three featured bouts, a fun Knockouts match, and a nice promo from the Wolves. My only gripe was the commercials during matches, but it's no big deal.