Friday, April 24, 2015

4/24 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

April 24, 2015
Orlando, Florida

Kurt Angle and Eric Young did a promo to hype their World Title match tonight, but Austin Aries interrupted and said he’s cashing in his Feast or Fired shot against Angle in the main event. Well, that's an interesting way to kick off the show. Just when it seemed like EY was turning over a new leaf so to speak, Aries' announcement set him over the edge. EY is bound to snap!

Brooke defeated Madison Rayne, Angelina Love and Gail Kim in a four-way when Brooke pinned Madison with the Tess-shocker. Fun match. They worked the usual spots with the double teams, triple submissions, high flying moves, and finisher sequence. I'm happy for Brooke; she hasn't been in the title picture in so long that sometimes you forget she's a former Knockouts Champion.

Micah defeated Kenny King by countering a springboard move into a Samoan drop. The BDC used a police baton and a steel pipe to beat down the Rising after the match. Eh, I’m still not sold on Micah, but he looked pretty solid here against Kenny King. I think this is definitely setting up for a fourth member of the Rising within the next couple of weeks.

Laura Dennis beat Jade via disqualification when Marti Bell attacked the referee and Laura. The Dollhouse took offense to Christy Hemme announcing the winner and beat her up at ringside. Wow, that was one hell of a debut. The match was fine, but the Dollhouse antics were really something else. The Dollhouse is like a cuter, freakier and psychotic version of the original Beautiful People. The post-match beatdown on Christy got them so much heat on their first night. Well done.

Magnus introduced Mickie James to the ring for her big announcement. Mickie talked about being a mom and announced her retirement from pro wrestling. James Storm came out and convinced Mickie to have one more match. Great segment. That was a genuine, heartfelt promo capped off by excellent mic work from James Storm. I like where this story is going, and I'm curious to see if Storm will actually select Mickie's final match.

Davey Richards defeated Manik with the Creeping Death. The Revolution attacked Richards after the match, but the Hardys made the save and ran them off. Solid match. I feel like I’m watching the Davey Richards career mode like one of those wrestling games in the 90’s. Is he going to go through every member of the X Division one-on-one until he gets the title? I certainly wouldn’t mind.

EC3 gave a speech at a podium, announcing his campaign to become TNA World Champion in 2015. Mr. Anderson interrupted and ran off EC3 and Tyrus to end the segment. "Martians, take notice. I'm coming for you!" Hahaha, EC3 is freaking awesome. Most guys would snarl and demand a title shot, but EC3 came up with this hokey campaign instead. It's a clever way to give the story an endgame and put over the journey at the same time. Being a former World Champion and an established veteran, Anderson is the perfect test in Ethan's quest.

Taryn Terrell defeated Awesome Kong in a No DQ match to retain the Knockouts Championship. The Dollhouse interfered and helped Taryn powerbomb Kong through a table for the win. Taryn cut a heel promo after the match and celebrated her victory with the Dollhouse. What a swerve! Taryn is the leader of the Dollhouse, and an intriguing heel based on that promo. Who doesn't love a sexy bad girl? The match felt like a quick burst more than anything, but the angle was simply brilliant.

Kurt Angle and Austin Aries were supposed to have a World Title match, but Eric Young attacked them both from behind. Angle was busted open as EY put him in the figure four to end the show. As expected, EY unleashed his crazy side on Angle and Aries. This makes me wonder if TNA is saving EY vs. Angle for the World Title on the live IMPACT next month.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight's show. The Knockouts did a fantastic job with the time they were given and set the division for some compelling storylines in the coming weeks. The other promos and matches were a nice mix to round out the show. Great performances from everyone involved.