Friday, April 17, 2015

4/17 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

April 17, 2015
Orlando, Florida

The Hardys defeated James Storm and Khoya when Jeff pinned Khoya with the Swanton. Jeremy Borash interviewed the Hardys after the match and they got the crowd pumping with a big "Hardy" chant. Good start to #TagTeamGold. The Hardys exploded out of the gate before the Revolution took over, followed by an exciting sequence for the win.

Kurt Angle and Eric Young did an in-ring promo to hype their World Title match next week. Angle turned his back and dared EY to attack him from behind, but EY calmly said he’ll see him next week and walked away. EY is a damn good heel; I've been impressed with his transformation into a lunatic these past few months. Angle vs. EY should be an interesting match.

Kenny King and Low Ki defeated Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud when King pinned Spud following a Warrior’s Way from Low Ki. Really fun match. It was pretty formulaic for the most part, but Anderson looked great and the crowd got behind Spud. The BDC are a formidable threat for the tag titles, and I wouldn't mind seeing Kenny King and Low Ki team up more often.

EC3 and Bram defeated Tigre Uno and Jay Rios when EC3 pinned Rios following the Brighter Side of Suffering from Bram. I loved that backstage promo with EC3 and Bram; they're one of those compelling odd couple pairings the way they feed off their characters. Tigre and Rios had some cool high-flying offense even though they lost. Good stuff.

Christy Hemme brought out the Knockouts to announce a special IMPACT next week called TKO: Night of Knockouts. The show will feature new Knockouts, a four-way #1 contender's match, and a title match between Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell. There was a huge brawl, with Taryn doing a crossbody on the outside to end the segment. TKO sounds like an awesome show. I liked that they gave the girls some mic time to set up their matches -- plus new Knockouts, baby! #Dollhouse

The Dirty Heels defeated the BroMans when Aries pinned Jessie with the 450 Splash. The BroMans traded blows after the match; DJ Z tried to be the peacemaker to no avail. The match was fine—the Dirty Heels are a kickass team—but the big story was the implosion of the BroMans. Robbie and Jessie have done all they can as the goofy jobbers, so yeah, it's time to move on to something else. I can see Jessie doing big things in the future and this is the first step to prove how far he's come.

Kurt Angle and Homicide had a brawl that spilled to the ring. The BDC joined Homicide in the beatdown until Eric Young came out and went after Angle himself. EY teased hitting Angle with the steel chair but dropped it and walked away. They seem to be going for this mutual respect route with EY and Angle, but something tells me that EY is going psycho next week. It's nice to see Homicide make a big splash in his return by taking down the World Champion, BDC style.

The Hardys defeated the Dirty Heels, the BDC, and EC3 and Bram in an Ultimate X match to win the vacant World Tag Team Championship. Great match. They really pulled out all the stops here with some fun action and creative spots. I could have done without the ladder, but it wasn't that bad. Congratulations to the Hardys; it's been a long time coming and they finally pulled it off!

As a fan of tag team wrestling, I thought everybody involved did a good job tonight. I'm glad TNA added some context to the qualifiers with the backstage promos before each match. I also enjoyed the interactions between Angle and Eric Young, as well as the hype for TKO next week. IMPACT is firing on all cylinders, in my opinion. Big thumbs up!