Friday, March 06, 2015

Why Did Samoa Joe Leave TNA?

Samoa Joe appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and discussed his departure from TNA.

On his decision to leave TNA:
"I think the biggest [reason] was a few subtle disagreements between me and management and how they're viewing me. Just some other comments, too, that made me realize that they're moving in a different direction, which is fine — it's not something I'm like, 'Whoa, to hell with them.' We all have to make our decisions. After taking those incidents into account, the things they had done with me creatively, I just realized that maybe it's better for both of us if I moved on. I think the stagnation is probably another big issue, too. I felt a lot of times they had trouble figuring out what they wanted to do with me. They liked me and they were very receptive to me, but it comes to a point where words only go so far and you start reading more into actions. That really helped along my decision."

On helping to grow the company over the past decade:
"That was a personal point of pride for me, AJ and Daniels. Being a part of that process is awesome, of actually growing and being at the bedrock of a company, but at the same time people forget, especially in the office. They're invested in various other ways, don't get me wrong. Dixie works herself to the bone; she's invested a lot of her family's money into making TNA a viable brand in the international market. I don't fault her for that at all, but you look around and you realize that maybe at the end of nine years, the amount of appreciation that you would hope for from the company isn't quite there and they might view you in a different light than you feel you should be viewed. I think at that point the relationship starts getting poisonous, and I didn't want that to happen with me and TNA. I didn't want to be there and have this growing resentment inside of me. I don't believe in sitting around and waiting for things to get that bad between you and a company. I'd rather pull myself away, take that energy that would be consumed with these negative feelings and have that pushed into something positive. That was a big reason why I ended up leaving."

On Dixie Carter's reaction to his departure:
"Dixie was a bit shocked and disappointed. She's an emotional being, she does care. I consider a lot of the guys there as family. It's been a good relationship, that's the thing that I think a lot of people overlook. No matter how you feel creatively, the business relationship between me and TNA had been stellar for the past nine years. She's done tremendous things for me in my life and my career. She's disappointed that I'm not going to be around, and the reaction since then is amicable. I made a point not to leave in a manner that was really slash and burn. I think in today's media environment, it's such an easy way to go out there and immediately get on your Twitter. And it's funny because you do exit and you try to have some sense of decorum with it, and then people are like, 'Oh, you're just trying not to burn a bridge.' No, I genuinely wish them well."