Thursday, March 26, 2015

v2 Wrestling - Who should be the next TNA champion?

Welcome back to another edition of the v2 Wrestling podcast and welcome to all of our listeners on and the forum.

Please note that we are currently looking for contributors to write for v2Wrestling, so if you want to see your article read by a large audience, make sure to get in touch. Next week we are interviewing TJ Perkins who postponed this week's interview and Robbie E – If you have a question you would like asked, please let us know.

This week Adam is joined by Rich, Ethan and Chris to talk about the latest news in the world of professional wrestling. We kick off the proceedings with a look back at this week's news which includes rumours about CM Punk and AJ Lee before moving on swiftly to our first TNA discussion.

We look back at this week's Impact matches, with a particular focus on Spud's cash in and the Ultimate X. We then consider the passing of the title to Kurt Angle and who should take the belt off and when it should happen. And that is our question of the week – who and when? Please get in touch and let us know!

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