Saturday, March 28, 2015

Twitter Impact

One of my favorite things with Impact Wrestling is live tweeting my thoughts of the show. Most of us enjoy it, especially when we get responses or re-tweets from those on the Impact roster. It’s one of the few benefits of social media in that the performers get the chance to interact with their fan base almost instantaneously. Being a major fan of all wrestling, I tend to have followers who vary on their enthusiasm for the Impact Wrestling product. I want to take a look at several tweets that came across the @IMPACTWRESTLING timeline while watching the show.

To me, Impact has seemed to have this feeling as if there is more they should be doing. These past three weeks, Impact has stepped that up and delivered in a way to make me not feel this way as much but the weeks before that left me feeling “meh” at times. It’s not that the set up for EY & Roode wasn’t there as much as it didn’t feel like it had the vile hatred that we had with another best friends breakup story in Roode vs. Storm. There seemed to be something that fell flat from the beginning and while I think the EY character has been very impressive since the turn, it just didn’t seem to grab my attention and emotions as much as I would have anticipated.

The opposite has been true for me with the Bram & Magnus story. This has been a very well done angle between the two. Even the inclusion of having Magnus kissing Bram’s boot as a shot at his manhood elevated things for me much more than with what was arguably a more focused upon story with Roode/EY. Having Mickie James in the fold seems to show that all members, including the writing staff, are very involved with this angle and I like that.

Unfortunately for many, there still seems to be this “us versus all” mentality with TNA fans and I simply do not agree. If your goal is to get people to cross over and “give TNA a real chance”, the last thing you should do is call them names like WWE sheep, in my opinion. Personally, I go with the “here, watch this” approach which seems to have worked with a few of my followers.

“#TNA wrestling needs to go out of business!” 
- Sean Morrison (@SISTUD)

Yes, we all know what a troll looks like. The problem I have isn’t with Mr. Sistud himself but rather that this is an ideal that gets spread on social media and is directed towards a company that is paying the bills for members of its roster. People like Manik are paying for their houses with money (so I assume) they earn from this company. Unfortunately, this is the keyboard warrior mentality of some… But the truth is that just because you might have an opinion doesn’t mean anyone else has to care about it.

“@IMPACTWRESTLING what a crappy piece of shit wrestling has become nowadays. Both of you WWE and TNA sucks now. well TNA sucked from da begning” 
- ALI NASIR (@alinasir_wayne)

Okay then, apparently he isn’t a fan of any mainstream wrestling at the moment. Once again, this is PERFECTLY fine as it is his opinion. However, he would not get a follow from me for two reasons. (1) He has very bad grammar and that is annoying. Honestly, who still uses “da” for “the”? (2) There is no reasoning behind the post. Why is it a “crappy piece of shit”? What would you do to change it? Where is the good & bad? If you hate it so much, why are you even focusing on it enough to give it the time of day? Seriously, if all you see is negative, I usually tend to write you off as being someone who just wants to be seen. Like when a little kid throws a fit so their parents will give them what they want to shut them up. Damn millennialism.

“@IMPACTWRESTLING @DestAmerica really looking forward to the Bram match. He is so into his character. Very believable and intense storyline” 
- Steve buckhorn (@steve_buckhorn)

This was a very good tweet. He focused on what he likes and commented on it. This is the kind of person I enjoy seeing using social media. As a matter of fact… Yep, I just followed him for that.

Ultimately, I highly suggest anyone to live tweet along with Impact Wrestling. It’s a fun experience that can lead to in-depth conversation and even virtual friendships with imaginary friends. You can see the idiots and the geniuses come out in some good numbers and it always seems to elevate the show. I caution you though, if you are going to address a tweet towards a specific talent then remember that these guys are simply doing their best to entertain a massive amount of people. Not everything they do will be great for you, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t put their heart, soul, and bodies on the line to provide that entertainment for someone else.