Saturday, March 28, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon
March 27, 2015

-We got a brand new set starting this week. IMPACT has had four different sets since moving to Destination America but this one is the best. I like the return of the video screens. Lighting, music and the videos give each wrestler a different feel even if their entrances don't stand out like they should. I also like the side video curtains that show each wrestler. Its unique and interesting to see.

-This week's episode of IMPACT was titled "Hardy's Revenge." Its a good name since Jeff Hardy returned to TNA and would be main eventing the show. James Storm kicked off IMPACT alongside Khoya inside the Six Sides of Steel structure. He cut a pretty good promo using a watermelon to represent the skull of Hardy.

When Jeff Hardy came out, the quality of the promo dropped. Jeff has never really been a strong promo and this was no different. I rolled my eyes when he attempted to get the crowd to chant "Hardy's Revenge" to little success. At one point, Manik and Abyss unsuccessfully attacked Jeff Hardy and were laid out by a Twist of Fate and a chair shot. This little attack eliminated both guys from Storm's corner in the main event.

My guess is that Great Sanada is done for in TNA since he was absent tonight without mention. I believe his TNA contract expires this Summer. He has been a background player since BFG so it doesn't impact the product.

-TNA briefly explained the departure of Samoa Joe, then quickly moved on. Personally, I felt Samoa Joe was out of place in the BDC so his spot could be filled by many better wrestlers. Low Ki got his rematch against Rockstar Spud. The match was okay when Drew Galloway helped distract the BDC which allowed Spud to roll up Low Ki for the win.

Afterwards, the BDC cut a promo in the ring. MVP has very good mic skills but during this show he called the crowd "flat scans" three different times. Weak! Galloway came back out and did his thing about "Standing Up for Professional Wrestling." At this point his character needs to be fleshed out a bit more. He made his way to the ring when two mystery wrestlers (Shaun Ricker and Meng's son, Tevita) aided him. They all wore matching "The Rising" shirts so they are here to stay. 

I am liking TNA constantly bringing in new blood. My knowledge of both of these wrestlers is very limited but I am sure they have much to offer. Its nice to see the numbers game get evened a bit even if the BDC changing that in upcoming weeks is inevitable.

-We got an excellent vignette of Awesome Kong backstage. This was probably the most Kong has talked in her entire TNA career. It was really well done.

Her match with Brooke was short and sweet. She intended on hurting Brooke after the match but Taryn Terrell made the save. Unfortunately, Taryn ended up going through the table. It was a good continuation of their eventual face-off and we got to see Taryn's G-String. She is absolutely gorgeous.

-TNA built Khoya up during his beatdown by Jeff Hardy. Hardy had to use multiple beer bottles to keep Khoya down. I wish it were somebody else since Khoya is incredibly green still.

-The celebration ceremony for Kurt Angle really set the table for the near future for the World Title scene. It introduced EC3 to the World Title scene while also reminding us about EY, Roode, Lashley and Aries. As mentioned on Friday, I would have EC3 and Mr. Anderson feud while Angle defends his title against Aries, EY, Roode and Lashley in a King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary.

-This turned into a Six Man Tag where EY scored the win over Aries with the Figure Four. I like TNA introducing a submission to Young's arsenal. It can be an incredibly vicious hold as well.

-The segment between Bram and Magnus was also well done. Bram is such a good villain that even if he was beat up badly last week, it doesn't hurt his danger level. Magnus and he had a good brawl to set up their Falls Count Anywhere Match next week.

-I'm enjoying the idea of TV specials like "Bell to Bell" and "TKO." While Lockdown, Slammiversary and BFG should remain 3-hour PPVs, having individual TV specials makes the shows stand out. I don't exactly know what the concept "Bell to Bell" is but it sounds like it will focus on three main event matches that will take up most of the episode. Next week, we will be getting Roode vs EY one more time, Bram vs Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match and the rematch between Lashley and Angle. Should be a PPV-caliber show.

-The main event was very Lethal Lockdown'esque in that it had a roof on the Six Sides of Steel. TNA should do this style of match more often. They also need a good name for it. I vote for "Caged Vengeance" (a twist on one of our reader's suggestions).

The actual match was pretty fun. I don't like Storm kicking out of multiple Swanton Bombs but I liked the integration of the actual structure. The finish of Hardy swinging off the cage to win the match was pretty cool. 

My guess is that the days of the Revolution are numbered since Hardy got his revenge and the rest of the members were taken out. Let James Storm do his thing, move Manik into the X Division and have Abyss take on his old character as a background figure. I could care less about what happens to Khoya.

Final Thoughts: It was a mixed bag for me this week. The crowd was pretty quiet, which hurt some of the segments. The main event, title celebration, Rising debut and a few backstage segments were the highlights for me.