Sunday, March 15, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon
March 13, 2015

IMPACT this week was about solving personal vendettas. The video package that opened the show narrated the personal issues that Rockstar Spud/EC3, Magnus/Bram and EY/Roode would be fighting for tonight. It was well-done and would kick off a memorable show.

-I liked the Last Man Standing Match that opened IMPACT this week. EY and Bobby Roode have been going at it since the beginning of the year with both men exchanging wins. A Last Man Standing Match is the next logical step in that rivalry.

There was good action here as chairs, steel steps and a table all came into play. I liked many of the spots that they did. Both men gutted it out through some big moments including the Piledrivers both men hit on each other. Roode ends up picking up the win with a Roode Bomb through a table.

This is an early candidate for TNA Match of the Year. This could be the end of this rivalry (which has been pretty good) but we don't know yet. Eric Young has been pretty good as the guy on the brink of insanity. What is the next step for these guys?

-Drew Galloway came out and cut a promo similar to the one he did last week. It was the whole hype for Pro Wrestling fans. He has some good charisma but I enjoyed his promo last week better. This brought out the BDC which turned into a match between Drew and MVP. The match ended in a DQ when the rest of the BDC came out and interfered.

Galloway got a nice beatdown from the BDC including a pipe thrown at his head, busting him open. There was a point when it looked like Samoa Joe was going to stop the attack but he was the one who introduced the pipe. TNA will likely not officially write him out of the product (even though they should). Galloway will need some more guys to face the numbers of the BDC. Who else will stand up for professional wrestling?

-The commentary for this show was very distracting. It seemed like they had Josh Mathews and Taz do commentary at different points and then edited them in together afterwards. Mathews was fine but Taz's commentary killed the flow. It was like he was recording lines for a video game (thank you TNAsylum reader). There was no flow and it took away from the show.

-Bram vs Magnus was a solid brawl. The story here is that Magnus wasn't 100% with head and shoulder injuries. Bram was constantly in control and used that advantage to his favor. Magnus busted out some moves I hadn't seen from him before. Mickie James came out to support her man (giving a tease that something bad was about to happen). Magnus was about to put Bram away with the Spine Shanker but Bram caught him with the low blow.

I enjoyed the aftermath with Bram tying Magnus to the rope and grabbing Mickie James. This wouldn't have bothered the old Magnus but the new Magnus cares for people. He humiliated himself by kissing the boot of Bram so he would let Mickie go. I love the demented character of Bram. I also felt bad for Magnus and scared for Mickie. This is how a fan should be reacting to the product. I'm excited to see Magnus get his revenge on his former running buddy.

-Robbie vs Brooke was a fun little match. I enjoy Robbie as a character and his stuff with the stool and water was good comedy. Brooke looked good with her offense as she was taking this match seriously. I'd be all for more intergender matches as it elevates the women if done right. Brooke was able to fend off interference from Jessie, DJ Z and Angelina to pick up the win. Hopefully this feud is now over.

-I really enjoyed the main event. Rockstar Spud is a very good sympathetic, underdog wrestler while EC3 is a great arrogant villain. They did a good job playing off each other in this match. We saw the supporting characters of this feud play a role with Jeremy Borash cheering Spud on and Mr. Anderson fending off Tyrus. Its a good way to wrap up this feud.

Rockstar Spud ended up getting busted open which signaled the black and white production trick. This ended up being very distracting for this viewer. I would have much rather them have the latter half of the match in black and white instead of constantly switching.

The closing minutes where EC3 looked sympathetic to Rockstar Spud were well-done. He finally decided to put Spud away. It looked like EC3 could be turning face but attacked Spud and shaved his head. It was a great heat-seeking moment. This match and rivalry were really well done. The TNA Creative team should be proud. It is definitely a candidate for Greatest Rivalry.

Final Thoughts: This show makes me miss having monthly PPVs. While Lockdown was presented as a Free-Per-View, this actually felt like one. We got two excellent matches with Last Man Standing and Hair vs Hair. On top of that, the aftermath of Bram vs Magnus was very well done. In year's past, these matches combined with matches we got last week and matches we will get next week would have made for an excellent Sacrifice PPV. It is arguably one of the best wrestling shows we have gotten since TNA arrived on Destination America.