Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rockstar Spud Talks #HairVsHair, Chief of Staff and More

This week on the V2 Wrestling Podcast, Adam Davey is joined by Rockstar Spud. The full interview is available at this link. Below are the highlights.

On his hair vs. hair match with EC3:
"I think what most people misinterpret about myself and EC3’s story, it’s like a movie. We both arrived in the company at the same time, we both became friends and then when Dixie gets put through the table, he starts mistreating me and finally the little guy stands up for himself. We’ve seen the beginning, we’ve seen the middle and now we’re at the end. I know a lot of people say, ‘Oh, it’s hair versus hair.’ Well, that’s the title of the match, but the whole thing is really not about hair. It’s about embarrassment, someone being put in their place and someone believing in their entitlement. Someone like me who, in a lot of people’s minds, should be nowhere near the wrestling business – that’s the entitlement that the Ethan Carter character has, whereas I’m representing everybody who has ever been told that you’re not good enough or bullied in their life."

On what this match means to him:
"When you look at me and you look at him, he’s everything that everybody wants as the model for their company. And me, I’m not that but I’ll never shy away from that, because I like being me. I got into this company through chance; I worked my ass off on British Boot Camp so they couldn’t say no to me. Then I went through the whole developmental system, became Dixie Carter’s Chief of Staff and then I’ve gone from that all the way to the main event of Impact Wrestling, when I’m 5’4” and 150 pounds. I headlined Impact Wrestling in Wembley Arena in front of 8,000 people. That, to me, is all part of this long movie. It’s so dear to my heart because it’s so much like how my life has gone. It’s probably the closest that you’re ever going to get to the real person being in this situation, like this is the closest you’re ever going to feel James Michael Curtin with Rockstar Spud.

The journey that it’s been for 14 years has been insane. You know how Wembley is for a British person – a sportsman, musician, anything – to perform there is just out of this world but to main event the television show, I can’t stress enough how amazing the end of the movie is. It really is going to be something special. You will not regret tuning in to Destination America on Friday, or Challenge on Sunday, because you’re going to see one of the matches that you’re always going to remember. It’s just pure emotion. It’s one guy’s struggle against another guy’s entitlement. I implore every wrestling fan to please watch it, because if you’ve seen the whole story, you’re going to be invested in the characters and you’re going to want to see the finish."

On his Chief of Staff character:
"For the first night I was doing it, I was like, ‘I’m going to have the most fun with this character ever.’ I firmly believe that when you get given a character in pro wrestling, it’s the same as an actor; you’ve got to research your role. Now I’ve worked in a bank for years before I was a full-time pro wrestler and I’ve been around people that were little gophers for the boss, getting cups of tea. You see them everywhere and I’m like, 'God, I can just act out all of these idiots' and you know, watching lots of British comedies, stereotyping the character in a way but not to the point where it’s solely just to entertain British people. There are American shows with butler characters and things like that.

It was a case of I’m going to throw two feet into this and I’m going to make them gold. I’m not the type of person when I get handed something, the first thing I think of is ‘Oh, this sucks.’ I’m not a pessimist. Anything that is written for you in pro wrestling can work, but that is down to you. So I was extremely happy with the faith that John Gaburick, Matt Conway and Dave Lagana had in me and the situations they put me in. It’s really been rewarding. I loved it when they gave it to me because I knew I could do it and I knew that this was my opportunity to show them that this is what I can bring to the table for you in any way you want me to be."

On TNA's partnership with Destination America:
"There were a lot of the executives and the representatives from DA there. We’re trying out a lot of new things. I was a test dummy with Eric Young and Taryn Terrell; a lot of the guys had Go Pros strapped to our chests. As a prototype, if we filmed something like a wrestler with a Go Pro attached, it would look different. We attached them to our heads and did aerial maneuvers, lying on the floor and looking up at a wrestler as he’s coming down on you with a maneuver. They were fully prepared to try stuff out to see how they can get the best out of the product. They’re a bunch of wonderful people. You can tell straight away that they were all in on the product, so that was nice to see. Spike wasn’t a bad partner at all; Spike was a great partner with TNA for 10 years. Obviously their channel wants to move in a different direction and that means there’s going to be no wrestling on the channel, so it’s great that we ended on great terms with Spike and now we’ve moved on with Destination America."

On the addition of Josh Mathews to TNA:
"What’s he brought to the table? Alcohol, that’s what he’s brought to the table. That guy moved here and blackened my liver. That man can drink, that’s all I’ll say. He has blackened my liver, he has done nothing but pain my life since arriving in Nashville and I’m very happy to call him a friend. That’s as much as I’m putting him over. I’m With Spud Wednesday came about, originally it was used to promote that week’s Impact but then it’s created its own little universe. It’s been a lot of fun. The episodes featuring myself were all hosted by me, so it was a little different."

On whether he had any input on the winner of British Boot Camp 2:
"It was purely Dixie and John. It had nothing to do with me, but I do believe they made the right choice. Mark (Andrews) is a wonderful kid. He’s multi-talented and the sky’s the limit for him. There’s so much that he’s going to be able to do in the business and I’ll do anything I can to help him. He really stood out above everybody; I look forward to seeing what happens for him going forward."