Tuesday, March 10, 2015

EC3 Talks #StreakVsSpud, Main Event Status and More

This week on the V2 Wrestling Podcast, Adam Davey is joined by Ethan Carter III. The full interview is available at this link. Below are the highlights.

On his hair vs. hair match with Rockstar Spud:
"It’s been building for a very long time. This match is wrought with emotion, if you will. This is an opportunity for two guys, Spud and myself, to be put on the main stage in a main event scenario and to deliver the goods. Sink or swim, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into building this feud and it culminates this Friday in America and this Sunday on Challenge in England. As far as in Impact, this is probably the match that I’m going to hang my hat on. This is my arrival. This match, for me, is to put the industry on notice of who I am and what I’m here to do. In the main event, in Wembley against Rockstar Spud in his home land, it’s very combustible and it’s going to be very exciting."

On the culmination of his feud with Spud:
"I think win, lose or draw – of course there will be no draw – this will be the end for a while. I’m not going to say that in the future our paths won’t cross again, perhaps next year at Wembley, but this ends on Friday in the United States and this Sunday in the UK. Going forward after that, I guess title aspirations would be my main goal. I look at this match as sort of a platform for my launch, for the industry to take notice of who I am and who I’m going to be. And I don’t think there’s a better patsy or canvas to paint it on than Rockstar Spud."

On the possibility of losing his hair:
"I live in a world where I can’t imagine not having every perfect hair follicle in place on my head. I think the world economy would collapse if I was bald. I think total war would be declared against all states and all countries. I think possibly an asteroid would come tumbling down from the heavens and destroy us all if I were to lose my hair. So we shouldn’t even think about it, we shouldn’t even put that thought into the world."

On his favorite feud and how he handles the crowd:
"In addition to what we're doing now, I think the Carters versus Bully and his hardcore goons was a lot of fun. It wasn't a fun result with my poor, defenseless aunt being maliciously thrown through a table but as far as being able to go to New York City and being able to mix with guys like Bully, Devon and Dreamer, I think proving yourself in that environment was the most fun I've had. In both buildings, I've had venom spewed my way and full beers thrown at me, so I guess I could say all of you fans are kind of mean to me. And I love it. A little known fact, I’ve been a wrestling fan. I’ve done and said everything at wrestlers that I possibly could sitting in that seat. So I am prepared for anything they have, as I have done what they’ve done and now do what I do, and I do it better."

On his biggest influences as a performer:
"As a child, I’ve always related more to the antagonists than the protagonists. Like a Rick Rude or a Curt Hennig. Then coming onto the 90’s, if you didn’t like Stone Cold you didn’t like wrestling – the guy was the absolute best. My inspiration, though, was the three month run that The Rock had when he was 2003 completely Hollywood Rock; he was my favorite character. I can’t emulate it because no one can ever emulate The Rock – the guy’s on a different level than any of us. But the way he conducted himself, people disliked him thoroughly but it was an entertaining manner when they can relate and be invested in him as opposed to I don’t want to watch this guy and turn the channel. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him."

On whether he enjoys doing promos and segments outside the ring:
"I think something like the Hunt for Willow was a great thing for EC3 to develop as a character, because it’s such a bizarre scenario to think of and a challenge to make that work in a way that’s not insulting to the fans but it’s also entertaining, and I love that kind of stuff. So yes, I love the challenge of making entertainment outside the ring. Anything that can develop characters, because people are attracted to characters more so than run-of-the-mill two guys fighting in their underwear. It’s about characters and emotional investment. The Hunt for Willow, backstage promos and things of that nature are what creates a superstar as opposed to a wrestler."

On the evolution of the EC3 character since his debut in TNA:
"It was a good step to introduce the character. I think what worked for the character is that he was an entitled, spoiled brat who almost had no business being in the ring. So even though he was given handpicked opponents, they would still have a little bit on him and he'd still have to eventually fight his way to victory. I think when it came to facing legitimate talent, he became more battle tested although still getting by through nefarious means. It's cool that the character kind of evolved and progressed in different directions before people tired of what he actually is doing. That was a testament to a newer direction in TNA, that they gave me the opportunity and put a lot of faith in me without any knowledge of whether I could handle it or not. I can't thank them enough for that."