Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bobby Roode VS Randy Orton


240 lbs
235 lbs
Toronto, Canada
Roode Bomb
St. Louis, Missouri
Punt Kick
TNA World Champion
TNA Tag Team Champion
BFG Series Winner

WWE World Champion
WWE Tag Team Champion
Royal Rumble Winner

The next contest in Versus: Season 2 is a match that I have wanted to see for the past few years. While both Randy Orton and Bobby Roode are different from an achievement standpoint, I feel that they have similar personalities. Both men were cold-hearted villains that sent chills down your spines. To me (at least) I also see similarities in their appearance and presentation. Having one of TNA's biggest names against one of WWE's biggest names is a match I would look forward to.

Randy Orton has many more accomplishments in his WWE career. He debuted for WWE in 2002 and held title after title. Instead of recapping Orton's entire career, let me just cite some of his many achievements. He was the youngest WWE Champion at the age of 24. That would be the first of 12 World Title reigns (between the World Title and WWE Title).

Orton would be one of the biggest faces in WWE from 2005-2015. He has had notable rivalries with names such as Undertaker, Triple H and John Cena. He was often the go-to guy for the Smackdown brand for many years. The list for what Randy Orton has done is no short one. I can't repeat how much attention Orton has received for the WWE.

Bobby Roode is a completely different story. His is a story of a man working his way up from tag team wrestler to finally being given his World Title shot. Roode is one of TNA's most decorated tag team wrestlers, being half of arguably TNA's greatest tag team in Beer Money. They held 7 Tag Team Titles (between the NWA and TNA Tag Titles).

In 2011, Roode broke through and earned his first World Title. This title reign would end up being TNA's longest TNA World Title reign. The lengths that Roode would go to just to defend his World Title reminded me of different stages that Randy Orton took his career through. Whether it be spitting in Dixie Carter's face (Orton RKO'ing Stephanie) or using all means necessary to hold onto the title (Orton's reign in 2013/2014). There are definitely similarities to how these guys were presented as champion.

While Orton is more decorated and has a height advantage, Roode has the weight advantage. Orton's RKO is deadly and can come out of nowhere but Roode has a number of tools from the Roode Bomb to the Crossface that he could put Orton away with. If Roode can scout the RKO and nail one of his many signatures, he could come away the winner.

This would be a nice hybrid brawl/WWE style match. I honestly don't know who I see as the victor, however it is a match I wouldn't want to miss.