Monday, March 09, 2015

Austin Aries VS Seth Rollins

210 lbs
217 lbs
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Davenport, Iowa
TNA World Champion
TNA X Division Champion
ROH World Champion
Feast or Fired Winner
First Ever NXT Champion
WWE Tag Team Champion
ROH World Champion
Money in the Bank Winner
Last Chancery
450 Splash
Curb Stomp
Diving Knee
Phoenix Splash

The Versus series isn't just about putting matches between the biggest stars together but also about putting classics together. Two men in two companies currently hold briefcases for respective World Title shots anytime, anywhere. In the WWE, you have Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins. In TNA, you have the holder of the World Title Feast or Fired briefcase, Austin Aries. Their futures are bright but their paths have crossed in the past.

Before reaching the bright lights, Seth Rollins and Austin Aries battled it out in Ring of Honor. The two fought over the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title in 2010, where Seth Rollins defeated Aries to become the best in the promotion. Eventually, ROH was a thing of the past as both men moved on.

After a stint in NXT when Rollins became the first-ever NXT Champion, he joined the main roster as part of The Shield. The trio (Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose) would become one of the most dominant trios in WWE history. They defeated many of the biggest names in the company such as Sheamus, Ryback and John Cena while assaulting others such as The Rock and Undertaker along the way.

In 2014, Seth Rollins joined Triple H's authority by turning his back on his Shield brothers. He would go on and win the Money in the Bank match almost guaranteeing himself a World Title reign. In the process, he became The Authority's golden boy and the proclaimed "Future of the WWE."

Austin Aries returned to TNA in 2011, earning a contract after an excellent 4-Way Match. He immediately won the X Division Title. He would become the longest reigning X Division Champion in history when he eventually traded the title for a World Title shot. At Destination X 2012, Aries would defeat Bobby Roode (longest-reigning World Champion) to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Over the next few years, Aries would capture the TNA World Tag Titles and X Division Titles on a few more occasions. It was earlier this year when Aries would grab the World Title briefcase in Feast or Fired.

With both men biding their time for the perfect opportunity, no match could be more intriguing than the possibility of this one. These two have torn the house down in matches against each other. With more prestige and achievement under their belts, a showdown between these two is something I want to see.

Who would come out on top, the golden boy Seth Rollins or the outspoken Austin Aries? You decide!